Friday, January 16, 2015

Send Some Joy


Today, I'm working on getting out Individual Giving Reports to send to all our church contributors.  As I stuffed and folded each report into envelopes, I couldn't help but think how much more excited people would be if they received a personal note or card.
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I love getting snail mail and being encouraged, don't you? It is an instant mood-lifter to find out someone has been thinking of me!

Sending out cards is something I really like to do to encourage others, but it is one of those things that fall by the wayside when my schedule is crammed full. I really want to make it a priority to do more in this area. When I do send a card, I like to include a scripture or quote to give the receiver something positive on which to focus.

In order to be a good encourager by snail mail, I've found these things are needed on hand:
  • an assortment of greeting cards
  • a collection of "go-to" scriptures and quotes
  • an updated address label file
  • stamps

Won't you consider joining me in spreading joy by sending cards?


5 Minute Friday is now hosted by Kate at the blog "heading home." This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. 

Just write.

Also, the most important rule is that you visit the blog of the person who linked up before you and leave some encouragement.  That’s the most fun of all, and the heart of this community.

NOTE:  I've not been able to participate in FMF for the past few weeks, and I've noticed my last FMF post mentioned a co-worker who had headed to ER that day and I was worried about heart issues. I just wanted to give a praise report and let you know it was NOT heart-related but he actually had the flu.  He is better and back at work now.


Tori Leslie said...

Snail mail has been so neglected. I'm always encouraged to get a card or letter from the states. It means so much in this day of instant gratification that someone took the time.
I need to do this, thanks for the push.

Simply Linda said...

I agree Snail mail has been neglected. I agree, I loveeee getting snail mail, well...not bills. lol--Blessings

Joyful said...

Yes, snail mail is great!! It has gotten to the point though that I dread going to the mail box. It's only bills or junk. Grandma gets quite a bit of snail mail though! :)
I enjoy sending cards. Nobody expects them anymore.

Jeanne T said...

Jerralea, you're so right! Any more, snail mail—of the personal variety—is a gift in my eyes. A sign that someone took time out of their day to let me know they were thinking about me.

Oftentimes, I get so busy that I don't make time to send a little "gift" of a card or a note to someone.

I love your list of items to have on hand to make this easier.

Great post today!

Visiting from FMF. :)

Dianna said...

Jerralea, I, too, love getting snail mail. It uplifts and encourages me to know that someone cared enough to take time to send a note.

I had set that as one of my goals for this year as well...sending and encouraging. I used to do it all the time, but I have allowed it to slack off.

betty said...

I used to send a lot of encouraging notes/cards, but kind of got out of the habit; might do that again this year. It is always a nice uplifting thing to get something other than a bill in the mail.


Melanie said...

Jerralea, that is such a "soap box" issue with me - that nobody sends anything snail mail any more. I love to send cards and love receiving them even more!

Faith said...

i love snail mail and in fact, i stayed home from church today and watched the service online (due to a sore throat) and wrote a real letter to 2 good friends of mine because i told them i was trying to stay off FB...SUCH a time waster for me! Loved this post!!

SuperLux said...

When was the last time I've received a snail mail? I can't even remember. I think it's more thrilling than an instant message. :)