Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Praise Post #5

Today (and the next couple days) are supposed to be rainy and chilly. Days like that make me think of creature comforts, because I like to hole up at home when the weather is yucky.

I thought I would list my 5 favorite creature comforts that God allows me to have:

  1. Snuggly afghans
  2. Flickering candlelight
  3. Hot tea
  4. A furnace that works
  5. A roof to keep rain off our heads
There are many in this world who do not have these 5 things. Let's be thankful for these blessings, and consider giving to help someone else have them too.  If we all give, there would be enough to help a lot of people. Just a thought.

What are your favorite creature comforts? Leave a comment, or please consider linking up!

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Dianna said...

Jerralea, what a privilege we have to be able to share what God has given be good stewards.

I loved your list for we are having a dreary day here, too. In fact, I just mentioned it in my post today also! I've been noticing how much we think alike! LOVE it!

Melanie Cook said...

Your post made me feel all warm and cozy. I love those comforts that home provides.

Joyful said...

Yes, there is much to be thankful for when so many in our country (and world) are doing without the basics.

betty said...

I too am trying to be grateful for those creature comforts. I always thank God the day we go grocery shopping (as much as I don't like to go) but I'm grateful to have the money to do so.


Faith said...

we are supposed to have the weather you are describing tomorrow and Friday! Today was beautiful here in Albany, NY but my fave creature comforts are my fleece slippers, my yoga pants, and the fleece blanket on our bed. and hot steaming coffee :)

Betsy Smith said...

I love the look of candlelight so much that we are doing our wedding with lots of candles!