Friday, November 21, 2014

Praise Post # 21

Today, I'm continuing to give God praise for all the blessings in my life.  I'm doing 5 a day throughout the month of November.

One of the things that brightens my life so much is music. Here are just 5 of my favorite uplifting hymns and praise songs (I have many more!):

  1. It is Well with My Soul - written by a father whose 4 daughters were lost at sea, I cry every time I sing it.
  2. Living by Faith
  3. Ten Thousand Reasons
  4. Here I Am to Worship
  5. Amazing Grace:  My Chains Are Gone
Of course, I can never leave well enough alone, so here is a YouTube version of It is Well with My Soul.

Now it's your turn. What blessings can you count today? Leave a comment and share, or if you have a blog, consider linking up below. Praise Posts are running through the month of November. We are thanking God for 5 blessings each day to total 150 praises. You don't have to elaborate, just list if you want. Jump in right where you are whether it's Day 21 or Day 29. I'd love for you participate!

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Tori Leslie said...

Those are great songs! have a great weekend!!

betty said...

Wonderful praise songs!!!


Dianna said...

Your hymns are beautiful, Jerralea. It is Well with My Soul is a favorite of mine.

I've enjoyed this practice of 5 a day because it has helped me to get to know my fellow blogging friends better.

Monica said...

Those are some of my favorites too! I really like the old hymns but our church doesn't do very many. Love the list! :)

Linda said...

Do you know...I can not get through most Gospel songs...most of them send chills down my spine..I cry like a baby through Amazing Grace. I can never get through it, I am so undeserving of HIS Grace. Blessings