Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Praise Post # 12

Time is flying by.  We are fast approaching the middle of November! This month I am listing 5 blessings each day for a total of 150 praises.

Today I'm thankful for the things that make life brighter. Let's get right to it:

  1. Music - I love praise and worship, southern gospel, and soft instrumental music.  I also have little songs I love to sing around the house a capella when working. It just makes the day brighter!
  2. Books - I've already given praise for the gift of sight and the ability to read, but I also want to give thanks for the actual books I get my hands on.  Thank you, God, for the library and for authors.
  3. Free Kindle books - love getting these!  
  4. DVR - I'm not a big television fan but I do love my DVR and record what few shows I watch.  Then I can watch TV commercial-free.
  5. Jeopardy - I've always loved game shows and Jeopardy is a show that Jim and I always watch together every day. I'm thankful for the many hours together spent watching something we both like.

Now it's your turn. What blessings can you count today? Leave a comment and share, or if you have a blog, consider linking up below. Praise Posts are running through the month of November. We are thanking God for 5 blessings each day to total 150 praises. You don't have to elaborate, just list if you want. Jump in right where you are whether it's Day 11 or Day 29. I'd love for you participate!

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Dianna said...

I am right there with you on all of those, Jerralea! Oh my goodness, what would we ever do without books. I don't even want to think about it! And the Kindle books are nice too...especially the free ones. I'll have to check BookShout out a bit later.

Have a wonderful day today, my friend.

Melanie Cook said...

I love free Kindle books too! I don't have a Kindle but read them on my phone. I love books! I don't have a DVR. How nice to be able to record your shows without commercial or do you just fast forward through them? I watched a show the other evening and counted 18 commercials during the break. They were very short ones but still! Have a blessed day.

betty said...

Thanks for the info about BookShout; going to check it out. I get free books through BookHub :)

Love praise music! I look forward to the day we sing praises to Jesus in person :)


Joyful said...

great fun things to be thankful for! I think I am going to go see if there are any Christmas tunes on dishradio (is that what they call the music channels on satelite?)
Have a great evening Jerralea!

Simply Linda said...

Great reasons for Praise Post. Blessings

SuperLux said...

Music and books are heaven sent!

Faith said...

great list!! My husband has a nook and I have some books on my ipad but i MUCH prefer holding a "real" book! :) I love the library too and am so thankful for ours! Dave and I use to watch Jeopardy together when we were newlyweds.....i'm sorry i'm so late in posting my praise posts but I can't blog while in the classroom and when I first get home i like to do some housework or work out.

Tori Leslie said...

I love reading these, makes me think of things I'm thankful for also. Love good music too and free anything.