Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3: New

I've often stated that I am a lover of new beginnings. There is nothing like a move, a life change, or even just a fresh calendar page that gets me excited.

Yes, I am all about fresh starts. It's a good thing, too, because life brings a boatload of new beginnings all the time.

When I became a wife, my new life included a move from my home state. Besides learning how to become "one" with my hubby, I had to make new friends, go to a new church, shop in a new town - I could go on and on.

Then, after 10 years of infertility, my new baby changed my life, too.  Instead of just considering me and my husband, now I had a new priority.  Each succeeding child changed the family dynamics and life looked differently than it had before.

When I went to work, juggling responsibilities of home and hearth along with my job forced me to do some things in a new way.

Jim's illness, job changes, and the empty nest also brought a new normal into our lives over the years.

But, hey!  Let me tell you about the biggest change I ever want through.  When I was 14, I decided to quit living for myself and become a new creation in Christ.  I started on a journey to become more like Him and less like me.

My aim is for the new improved Jerralea to be unrecognizable to those that knew the old Jerri.

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Jeanne T said...

You've had a lot of New in your life, Jerralea! I didn't realize we shared infertility as part of our life's stories (or did I just forget?). I need to adopt some of your excitement about New things coming into your life! :)

Lisa notes... said...

That's the most valuable and permanent change I've ever made too, Jerralea. So grateful to have now passed over from death to life!

Megan Whitson Lee said...

I love change and new beginnings! We also share infertility as part of our story. My husband and I did not get to enjoy children in our lives, but I'm so thankful that you have. We look forward to seeing our five+ babies in heaven one day!

Angie said...

I need to learn how to embrace change instead of fearing it. Great post!