Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10: Care

One of the things I feel is most difficult as young people grow up and take their place in the world is finding what they are meant to do.  It would be great if we were born with little labels on us such as future nurse, doctor, daycare provider, etc., so we would know which direction to take. 

However, God's way is to direct us along the paths of what excites us. What are our enthusiasms, what do we care about?

One of Jim's cousins has opened her own shop and has been quoting the maxim, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  Her passion is being her own boss as a shopkeeper and helping vendors sell their hand-crafted items.

In my own journey, I found I care about so many things!  

I'm passionate about serving God with my whole being.

I also am an advocate for home, church, family and bible study.

Because I love those things, I am sure that God has led me to what I do now. I'm in ministry at the church, both paid and unpaid. I'm a writer who longs to encourage you with the news that God cares about you.

What do you care most about in your heart-of-hearts?


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Anonymous said...

It's so important to find your right 'place' because, only then will you feel comfortable and from that comfort comes love and passion and all the other positive emotions. When something so 'big' as 'purpose' is misaligned, that creates a whole lot of problems.

Dianna said...

I am passionate about teaching teen girls in Sunday School, about home, about family, about growing as a Christian.

And I enjoyed so much being here with you today.

Melanie Cook said...

Finding my passion has always been difficult for me. I find that I am interested in many things but not necessarily passionate. Except for my faith in God!