Friday, September 26, 2014

F.F.F.: 09.26.14

Let's celebrate the last Friday of September!  It is a gorgeous day outside my window.  Brilliant sunshine, low humidity and a temp of 78°. What more could a girl ask for? Oh yeah, a day off! Heaven on earth.

I ran out of time last week to join the Friday's Fave Five crew because I was so focused on getting ready for a stay-cation. (There's a lot of work to be done if I want a week off ...)

1. That's right, my first highlight of the week was that I've been enjoying a stay-cation.  Much as I would have loved to run out to Colorado for the week to see the grands, the budget didn't allow for that; so I did the next best thing. I've been here at my haven every day except to go to church and make a short road-trip. I've never understood those who say they are bored at home - I can always think of a million things to do. Suffice to say, I did not come close to doing everything on my list. Oh well, I will save it for next time.

2.  My idea of a fun time is to get a project done.  I had one of my blogger friends say that she is not a fan of projects. I respect her feelings; after all, time off should be for relaxing. But to me, improving something brings great joy.  I've had something that has needed to be done for three long years. Yes, I have let something hang over my head for three. Long. Years. A shelving unit in the laundry room has been jam-packed and stuffed with junk ever since the flood.  When we moved back in after remodeling, we stuffed everything we didn't know what to do with inside those shelves.  I walked past it every day trying to look the other way because I just didn't want to deal with it.

Here is the sad evidence of my neglect:

Not a good picture - I couldn't bear to zoom in!
And here is the beautiful after:

3 of the 5 shelves - I couldn't fit the whole thing in

Friends, it only took 3 hours, some 94¢ clear shoe boxes, decorative masking tape and cute labels to make me feel good about walking past those shelves. Totally worth it.

3.  One of the main things I've been doing this week is indulging my love of writing.  I'm joining the 31 day challenge of posting every day in October at the Nester's blog. This is my third year of participating but with a few changes.  First, I'm actually writing ahead! I usually fly by the seat of my pants, telling myself that inspiration is only in that moment. (I don't really believe that, but it sounds good.) Secondly, I'm adapting a list of prompts provided by Kate at Heading Home to my theme. It is such a challenge to look at a word differently from other bloggers and share it from my perspective.  My theme is 31 days of Life on the Journey. I will be sharing vignettes of my life as a believer, wife, mother and grandmother. I hope you will join me, and come by on September 30, at 7 p.m. CST for the link to my posts.

4.  Yesterday, we took a road-trip to Kentucky for catfish, lake sitting and a drive-in movie. Since we knew we wanted to go to the drive-in, we started out rather late in the day.  As we passed through LaCenter, KY, we reminisced about how we used to take Jim's mom out for catfish for her special day there at the Bluegrass Restaurant.  (She has since relocated to her heavenly Home).  On the spur of the moment, we stopped there for catfish.  Later, we drug our stuffed selves out to the van to continue our journey. We arrived at the lake just before dusk.  No one was there. It was like having paradise all to ourselves. 

We did share it with an egret, though. (Is that the correct name? Not sure of bird names ...)

Later we went to the drive-in and watched "When The Gang Stands Tall."  It's a wonderful movie about football with deeper meanings of brotherhood and unity.  The weather was perfect for a drive-in movie; cool enough to have the windows rolled up and the radio tuned to the station that broadcast the sound.  No bugs bothered us during the watching of the movie. (Anybody remember those spiral coils we used to burn on the dashboards of our cars during drive-in movies to keep bugs away? Talk about an accident waiting to happen!)

5.  Quote of the week:

For glory means good report with God, acceptance by God, response, acknowledgement, and welcome into the heart of things. The door on which we have been knocking all our lives will open at last.
From The Weight of Glory Compiled in A Year with C.S. Lewis

As my thoughts have so much been focused on home this week, this quote by C.S. Lewis resonates with me.  The door to home will open at last - what excitement I'm going to feel on that Day!  Are you planning on being there, too?

Cuteness Alert:  I've been monkeying around with making collages of the twins at PicMonkey. (Pun intended.) Here is just a sample of what I've been doing.

Ok, this actually is two different days the twins were in their car seats because they are dressed differently. I couldn't resist pairing them together. Oh, those cheeks!  How I want to kiss them!

I'm also working on a fall banner for the dining room and a beach banner for a vignette I'm working on for my bedroom. Because I love to dream of the beach when I'm resting.  Those are not done yet, so I will have to share later.

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How did your week go?  Leave a comment, or link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.  We want to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having a good staycation. I never run out of things to do at home sometimes I just don't want to do what I could do at home LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same about having much I love to do at home. The best vacation for me would be some uninterrupted time to do them, LOL!

Your shelves look great!

I'm doing 31 Days of Inspirational Biography. Last year was my first time to participate.

I just got The Weight of Glory earlier this year and hope to get to it soon.

Karen said...

I'm a homebody and love a good home project. I am completely in awe of your shelves! That kind of organization gives me goosebumps!

The 31 day writing challenge sounds really interesting. I'm going to head over and take a look.

What fun that you went to a drive-in! I wish we had one around here. So many good memories around the drive-in theatre:)

Have a great weekend, Jerralea.

Anonymous said...

What a great week at home! Sometimes I wish for a few weeks like that -- one to get the to-do list down to a dull roar, the others to truly relax and breathe ;-)

I love your tackling of that junk-shelf and turning it into something organized and pretty.

Enjoy your 31 day challenge!

Melanie Cook said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your staycation. I too love to get in a mess and organize it. Your clear shoe boxes gave me some ideas. the 31 day writing challenge sounds interesting. I do run out of things to blog about. Have a great weekend.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Your staycation sounds delightful. I am so impressed with how your laundry shelves turned out. I, too, sometimes put off projects that I think will be a lot of work, but it's so worth it to be able to smile now when you walk past that spot.

I'm going to check back and follow along on your October posting challenge. Sounds like fun.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully productive staycation! :) I just love when things are all organized and tidy and those shelves are the epitome of it. Brings a strange kind of calm to my soul. ;) What precious little twinsies!

Bravo for blogging ahead.

Susanne said...

Oh I wish we still had a drive in! I've been wanting to see that movie! Enjoy that staycation!

SouthMainMuse said...

Wow. I'm still reeling from that closet make-over. Wow. again.

And your precious grandbabies. There is something about babies' faces. Those darned cheeks.

So precious.

Glad you had a relaxing and productive week off. I too can enjoy spending time at home.

Faith said...

That is a GREAT closet makeover!! I love organizing did an awesome job. Those babies are so adorable..they are getting big so fast! That lake picture is beautiful....I love lakes.

Willow said...

I love stay=cations too--no, I'm never bored either because if I don't have a project (usually do, though) I can knit or read.
Love your organizing project!
Yes, that is probably an egret...

Betsy said...

I almost always post ahead. It's the only way I can keep up the daily posts. And I really appreciate having them.