Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT: Grandpas and Newborns

I just love those 3, 4, and even 5 generation pictures people make when doing family photo sessions.  Unfortunately, on the Miller side, the greats and the great-great grandparents have passed on.

I do have this picture of our daughter, who is now a mother of twins, with great-grandpa Miller, her grandpa.

Great-Grandpa Miller and Janae - 23 years ago
Great Grandpa Miller is not with us any longer to be in the picture with his son, grand-daughter, and his great-grand twins.

But, here is his son, my hubby, with our grand-twins:

Grandpa Miller and Brody and Baylee

Don't the two grandpas look alike?

Of course, any time a baby is born, we want to compare pics with the parent's baby photos.  Am I right?

Here is Janae's baby photo:

Here is her firstborn:


And her baby boy:

It's such a blessing to have photos of each generation!

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ellen b. said...


Dianna said...

When I saw the picture of your father-in-law and the picture of your husband under it I thought how much they look alike...and then read your question about how the same thing! :)

That picture of your daughter Janae could pass for being a twin to our daughter in her picture at that age! I had to double check that one!

Are you enjoying being a grandma? I is a silly question, but I just had to ask it! :)

betty said...

I like how your husband is holding the twins, one in each arm! All great pictures; I'm sure you are enjoying your visit!


Stephanie Faris said...

They do look alike! I thought they were the same person at first. What adorable twins!

Melanie Cook said...

Hi, Jerralea! The photos are wonderful. Yes, I do think that your husband and his dad look very much alike. I love comparing photos of moms and babies and your daughter and her daughter look so much alike. Enjoy the visit, Grandma!

Betsy said...

They really do look alike don't they?! I was so blessed to have both sets of grandparents alive when I had my girls. We have four generation pictures from both sides.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh these pictures totally made my Friday!! I love this :-)

Mama Kat said...

The grandpas DO look alike! That is crazy!