Friday, February 14, 2014

love in a garden


It all started in a garden.  God's plan for a perfect environment, a perfect relationship between God and man, and a perfect love between a man and a woman started in a beautiful Garden of Eden filled with everything needed to sustain life.


The fountain of youth.

We all imagine that first garden to have contained those things.

What we do know is this:  if Adam and Eve had truly believed God loved them and only wanted the best for them, we'd all still be in that garden today.

Instead, they believed that God was withholding knowledge and the ability to actually BE a God from them and so they took a bite of that forbidden fruit.

Yes, their eyes were truly opened that day and they saw their nakedness, their neediness and the plain fact that they were the created ones, not the Creator.

Life changed that day and so did their location,  for now they no longer lived in the Garden.

A journey started then.  A journey towards a second garden, the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus laid down his will, and on to the Cross where a Savior would lay down His life to demonstrate God's love for ever and for always.

That love was there in the first Garden.  God always knew the creation of man would call for a sacrifice.  It came to fruition in that second Garden.  Why?  Because of a redeeming love that will not quit.


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Dorothy said...

Popping over from FMF. Thanks for sharing this about the Garden. It's so true. When I first read "Garden," it's what I was thinking about to write. It wasn't exactly where the words led me...I love your imagery about the journey.

Stephanie Pedde said...

I love your take on this word... you create such a beautiful mental picture and reminder of truth! And that actual picture... ah, I could use that as my mental happy place!

Stopping by from FMF