Thursday, February 13, 2014

Show more love

Valentine's Day is approaching and got me to thinking about the word, "Love."

We have cheapened the word love in today's culture.  We love everything! 

"I love chocolate." 

"I love watching American Idol."

"He's my favorite actor - I just love him!"

We really mean we like, fancy or have a fondness for these things.  Okay, I really really have a fondness for chocolate.

When we talk about love as a feeling, I'm afraid all too often we are all caught up in what we feel in a relationship more than what the other person feels.

The truth is, loving another person is so much bigger than what you feel or get out of the relationship.  If you truly love someone, their happiness and well being is much more important than your own.

Loving is actually a very hard do because most of us are human and our nature is
carnal.  We're always thinking somewhere deep inside us, "But what about me?"

Don't deny it.  You know you've had those thoughts.

I've always believed that love is a decision.  Of course, it is fun when it comes with all those wonderful spine-tingling feelings!  I enjoy that as much as anyone. When you have days where those feelings wear off, in the cold light of day; choose to love anyway.

Invest in the other person.  Believe in them and support them even if you feel he or she doesn't reciprocate with the same effort you've shown.

I don't think I ever heard of a person, who at the end of their life said, "I wish I hadn't loved anyone.

I think more people wish they'd shown more love.  Not less

Mama’s Losin’ It

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