Friday, February 14, 2014

F.F.F. - 02.14.14

Hello, to all the wonderful readers and participants of the Friday's Fave Five blog meme. I just want to express to you my warmest wishes that this year brings you oceans more love and goodwill and a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Because love is the thing.  Love is why we were put in this world by a God who loved us and who wants nothing more than for us to love Him and love each other.

Because He has loved us so well, each of us have blessings in our lives.  Friday's Fave Five exists to remind us of those blessings.

Here are mine:

1.  The first and foremost blessing this week undoubtedly is the news that our expected twin grandbabies are healthy, doing well, and are a boy and a girl.  Just what all the family had been hoping and praying for!  My post in which an exciting announcement is made tells more.

2.  No snow days!  Believe it or not, this is a good thing.  I like when life settles into a routine and I'm able to keep up with everything. It's predicted that next week we might see 60°.  Crazy!

3.  Hot cocoa and the Olympics:  each night after all chores are done, my hubby and I enjoy a cop of hot cocoa and switch on the Olympics.  I totally get mesmerized by all the physical feats the athletes perform.  I love it all - from alpine skiing, moguls, half pipe skateboarding and of course, figure skating - it's fascinating to watch.

4.  Interesting bible study:  I'm really enjoying digging into the word, specifically 1 Peter.  I'm so thankful to be a part of the chosen generation who has been called out to show forth the praises of Him!  It's so easy to do - praising Him - because there are so many blessings all around us.

5.  Date with hubby:  last Saturday, we celebrated our 38 years of marriage with dinner out and a movie.  So glad to have 38 years with my man!  I'm also glad of a great steak dinner that I didn't have to cook.  We saw the movie, Lone Survivor, which made me thankful for our military.   It also makes me amp up my prayers for Daniel, our son-in-law, who is in the Army.

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How did your week go?  Please leave a comment and share or link up at Susanne's place, Living to Tell the Story.


Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Jerralea, here's where I got the bucket of bulbs:

We're doing a lot of Olympic watching, too! Hope it warms up a bit for you all. Have a great week ahead!

ellen b. said...

Wonderful blessings at your house for sure. A boy and a girl...too sweet. My youngest siblings are boy and girl twins. What an adventure that was! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for healthy twins. Such happy news, Jerralea.

Congrats on 38 years. That is quite a feat esp in today's society.

Hot cocoa and the Olympics sounds like a lovely way to reward yourself after the evening chores are done. I should see if I can get any coverage on the Internet (no TV) as I know I am missing a lot of exceptional feats.

Have a great week.

Kyliegh said...

Jerralea I have enjoyed reading your blog! I am in the process of getting mine up and running and I am trying to learn all I can. :) Congratulations on the grandbabies. Boy and girl! WOW!
Stop by my blog if you get a chance.

Susanne said...

Again, happy anniversary. Sounds like you had a lovely evening with your beloved. Exciting news about the twins. A boy and a girl. And both healthy is wonderful news. I've been totally mesmerized by the Olympics and have enjoyed it all, living vicariously through the young athletes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that 38th anniversary! What a great gift to have healthy twins in the family. I'm off to read your announcement!

Willow said...

Congratulations are in order for both your 38th anniversary AND for those new little lives who are coming to live in your family! TWINS! I am so very happy for you!
Yes, it is sobering to think of the sacrifices our military personnel and their spouses and children make to keep our borders safe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the twins! How exciting! Cuddled up with your hubby with hot cocoa and olympics sounds like an ideal evening! Can't wait to be in the same time zone as my hubs to do the same! :o)