Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cracked Me Up!

 I love writing stories about my childhood.  I especially love to tell stories about my siblings.  Today, I want to share a classic line from my little sister.
Lora at 4 Years Old

When my sister was very young, she was a great napper.  She slept long and deep.  Trouble was, if she had a good afternoon nap, she couldn't go back to sleep at night until very late.

Mom's remedy for this problem was to try to keep her from napping.

One day, while taking a road trip, we all were trying to keep Lora awake.  Mom glanced in the rearview mirror and saw that Lora's eyes were closed.

"Lora Jean, you better not be taking a nap."

"I'm not, my sister replied in a montone, "I'm just checking my eyelids for cracks."

I still laugh when I recall her witty reply to this day.

Mama’s Losin’ It

I'm linking this post with Writer's Workshop because it fits two prompts:  2.) Write a post in just 12 lines. (I did it in 12 sentences) and 5.) Something a sibling did that made you laugh. 

If you'd like to participate, link up at Mama Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


Amy McMean said...

Thats great. I'll remember that for the next time I start dozing off.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that sounds like my uncle who claims he's doing a little eyeball maintenance. I like your sister's better though.

Rachel @the house redeemed said...

What a funny sister!! Visiting from Mamma Kat's.

Carol said...

It's fun to think back on those funny little things that bring a smile on our face!

Abby said...

Ha, too cute!

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

Very cute! (I was one of those nappers, too, according to my mother.)

Jazzmin said...

What a sweet and funny memory! That is definitely a witty response. Thankyou for sharing this, it made me laugh :)

Hope you're having a blessed day!