Friday, July 12, 2013


Once again, it is Friday, and time to reflect on the blessings this last week has brought.

1.  Last Saturday, I finally made myself declutter and rearrange my closet.  10 Wal-marts bags full of stuff later, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  It. Is. Finished.  A clean closet is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes I like to go gaze upon the fruit of my labor.  ;)

2.  Sunday, we ate out in honor of Jim's birthday, which was Monday.  My sweet hubby picked my favorite restaurant to go to since he had just been to his favorite for Father's Day. 

3.  My flowers are doing well in spite of record heat indexes this week.  I'm really loving all these blooms!

I'm loving my vincas.

Especially the red ones.

The red vincas deserve a close-up

My first pink Knock-out Roses

The second blooming of the red Knock-out Roses

4.  Quote of the week:

I stumbled across this post this week, even though it was written about 6 months earlier.

When you memorize Scripture, it’s like carrying your own oxygen tanks.
And then there’s Jesus:  Christ’s weapon against Satan in the desert was memorized Scripture. And if you aren’t memorizing Scripture — what IS your weapon against Satan? 

To read her whole post, click on the link.  It is an awesome post - as hers always are - and very thought provoking and challenging.  I ask you the same question:  What IS your weapon against Satan?

5. Healthy lifestyle:  still exercising each morning (at 5 a.m.!!!!) and lost another 3 lbs.

Thus ends another week on the Journey.  If you'd like to share your highlights, link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


SouthMainMuse said...

Awesome on your hard work paying off with your weight loss. Your flowers are lovely. We've had so much rain that some of my potted ones are dying from too much water - if the pot isn't draining. I've had to tip them and drain them manually. Usually by this point in the summer they are old and tired. God is giving all the trees a good drink around there this year. (And what a sweet thing your husband did on his birthday.)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love your vincas! Oh, we both need to do our closet, desperately. Kudos on your dedication to exercising. Can you bottle a little of that and send it my way? Oxygen tanks -- I like that.

Have a great week ahead!

Heather said...

I love to clean ha!! It is like therapy for me.

The flowers are so pretty! I want flowers once we move and get a yard and porch.

I love the quote and her blog. Her book is also good.

YAY! For exercising and weight loss. That is the one thing I am not consistent with and I don't know why.

Willow said...

Hurray for you for exercising! I'll be back on a regimen soon--I promise! I just got off track during our road trip.
Love those vincas, too!
Oh, and hurray for the decluttering of the closet too!

Susanne said...

At 5 a.m.?? Wow, now I'm really standing and applauding you for your exercise discipline! Way to go!!

Love the flowers. I really like dark purple and white close to each other.

Yay for a clean closet! I'm like you and when I finally get something like that done, just go a gaze upon it. Very satisfying!

Karen said...

Jerralea, I always enjoy your fave fives. I did a closet cleanout a couple months ago and it was the best present I've given myself in a long time! Such a great feeling, everytime I walk in there, and I find that I think twice before I buy anything now, not wanting to fill it all up again.

The vincas are gorgeous. Love Anne Voskamp:)

Anonymous said...

Hurray for your continued exercising and weight loss. You are an inspiration which I hopes one day WILL RUB off on me and get me to get moving.

A clean closet is a beautiful think. It's on my to-do list for August. Getting ready for India this month.

I had to smile when you wrote, " Sometimes I like to go gaze upon the fruit of my labor." That is something I do too.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

Great on the weight loss, and getting up early to exercise. I get up early, but don't always exercise.

Anonymous said...

Your diligence with the exercise plan is an inspiration!

Those vincas are terrific. That first one (grape colored) is one I'd never seen before.

Decluttering is always so rewarding. So glad they made your fives.