Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Can't Believe She Did That!

Ah, T-ball!  Oh, the memories!  T-ball is a wonderful way to start kids out participating in organized sports.

It's also way fun to watch.  Because T-ballers have no idea what they are doing.

We have three daughters and each of them participated in T-ball first and then girls' softball for several years afterwards.

My younger girls started at 4 because my husband coached the team.  Let me tell you, 4-year olds have no concept of the game and they really just want to talk with their friends and play in the dirt.

When our daughter, Janae, first started playing, she would hit the ball but then run very slowly to first base.  She wasn't confident her ball was not a foul so she'd look at everyone as she ran to see if they told her to go back to the batter's box. Of course, she would get out every time because she ran so slow, even though she often hit the ball hard enough to make several bases.

One day, when I was being the "dug-out mom,"  I told her, "Look, Janae, I want you to hit that ball and then run as fast as you can all the way home and don't stop for anything."

I forgot to tell her to stop if she got out.

Obediently, she stepped up and hit the ball with a good smack and took off running.  She made it to first base and then headed toward second.  The second baseman scooped up the ball and ran up and tagged Janae.  She was out.

Except she kept running.  She ran on to second, then third base, home plate, and on in to the dug-out.  People were calling to her,  "Stop, stop, you're out," but she kept running. By the time she ran into my arms in the dug-out, she was crying, and I was laughing so hard, tears were in my eyes also.

That's okay, baby.  It was Mama's fault.

Malia also started T-ball at age 4.  After going to the games to watch her sisters play, she had a general idea of how the game was played.  She had also learned that year how to do a cartwheel and was dying to show off her ability..

One day, she got a home run!  As she was circling the bases, she decided she would cap off the home-run experience with a cartwheel after she crossed home plate. I think she may have started her cartwheel too soon because instead of doing a cartwheel, she did a head stand -- right on home plate.

Oh, I wish I had a picture - it was so funny. Somehow, she spun around on her helmet with her cleats waving wildly in the air. Everyone held their breath to see if she would fall.  I don't know how she did it but the next moment she was on her feet, racing into the dug-out.

Of course, we've never let her forget her "headstand of victory!"

Sigh... I miss T-ball!

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt 2.) Share something your child said or did that surprised you.  You can join in the fun at Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


Anonymous said...

Ah...but you have the sweetest memories! That should count~! :) I have a 5, 7 and 9 year old granddaugthers in soccer right now. Yep...they aren't the best athletes yet! It is funny at times~ ♥♥♥

TKW said...

How much spirit do those girls have?! You must be so proud.

Jimbob said...

It seems like that was just yesterday, now there all grown up. I'm glad we took the pictures, and yes the memories.

Amy Lanham said...

I had hoped my five year old would play this year, but he decided not to. Kids at that age are so fun to watch.

myshelomitashop said...

Aaaah that was sweet memory!

Anonymous said...

I am bad at celebrating my "victories." I just go on to the next thing. So I LOVE the visual of the victory handstand. ;)

I am going to have a think about how I can incorporate this idea into my life.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

My son was the one in the outfield picking clover and kicking the dirt. He was not cut out for the game, although we suffered two torturous years of t-ball before we conceded this point.