Friday, May 31, 2013

F.F.F. - 05.31.13

Another week on the Journey has went by swiftly.  Time to recap!

1.  Last Saturday, we had a wonderful time at our church picnic.  It was the perfect day, weather just right, nice breeze, and tons of good-tasting food.  It was such a relaxing time of visiting with my church family.

2.  On Monday, Labor Day, we went for a little mini road trip to a nearby lake.  We sat on the dock and enjoyed the sunshine ... a little TOO much.  For some reason, putting on sunscreen never occurred to me so now I have a bright red glow ...

[MEMORIAL DAY, I meant Memorial Day, not Labor Day ... I guess the sun affected my brain ...]

3.  On Tuesday, we celebrated our oldest daughter's birthday.  We are so proud of Elissa and the person she is becoming.  The thing that brings the most joy to our hearts is that she loves Jesus and is involved in church.  So many of her generation don't go to church ....

4. We planted some containers of flowers for our porch and we also bought our second knock-out rose bush.  This time we got pink.  I'm anticipating some beautiful blooms.

5.  Quote of the week:

"There is not a problem that can't be solved in the presence of Christ." - Rev. Ellston Chapman

Thanks for visiting the Journey.  How did your week go?

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ellen b. said...

Hi Jerrelea! How nice to visit you and hear of all your blessings this last week. Glad the weather was good for the church picnic! Flowers and birthdays, wonderful things!
I'm guessing you are talking about Memorial Day and not Labor Day or else I'm really behind :)

Faith said...

I had a wonderful MEMORIAL day (:D) and plan on having a great Labor day too. In September. :) Just teasin' you.....seriously theses are wonderful blessings...there is nothing like visiting and relaxing with church i love ours, big as it is. And yay for soaking up some sun....just think of it as good ole vitamin D!! Yay for daughter following Christ. I am praying for my girls all the time that once they leave the nest, they too will be involved with the things of God. have a happy weekend

Willow said...

Photos of the flowers and the roses???
I'm glad you had a beautiful day on Monday --oopsie on the burn.

Willow said...

And Happy Birthday to Elissa!

Brenda said...

I often forget sunscreen on my first sun exposure of the year. . we just forget how strong it is!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Picnics and days off and birthday celebrations. Sounds lovely. Enjoy those gorgeous roses!

Susanne said...

The road trip sounds like fun. I love being able to do stuff like that on weekends in the summer.

Happy Birthday to your daughter.