Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful for My Job

I am thankful to have a job.  In today's economy, it is a true blessing to have a job.  More than that, it is awesome to have a job actually doing something  you like doing.

I once had a job where every day, as I was driving in to work, a terrible feeling grew in the pit of my stomach.  I was worried because my boss, a known yeller, was liable to have a fit about something.  Going to work with dread in your heart is the worst. I'm glad I was only there about a year.

I am now on my sixteenth year as a church secretary, or since I have been certified, as a ministry assistant.  I love what I do because I have a real love for the church and I have learned to love all the people.  I work for two different churches.  It's amazing how personalities are pretty much the same in both churches.

God gave me the desire of my heart when He led me into the area of working with churches.  If you are not happy with your job, please pray about it.  I know it's not His will for you to be unhappy in your working life.  If you are where He wants you to be, but feel unhappy, you may need a change of perspective.  Talk to Him - He's good about making you see things differently.  If you are not where He wants you to be, pray about that, too.  He may be opening a door for you to be doing something else and you might not see it at first. Or, perhaps the timing is not right for a change.

Again. be thankful you have a job.  It may not be the job you want to do for your whole life, but it is a start and for now, the way that God provides for your needs.


All during the month of November, I will be sharing my gratitude for all God has given me. I'm joining Joyful Reader on her Giving Thanks Challenge at her blog, Encouragement for Daily Bible Reading.


Lori Poppinga said...

What a blessing to have a job you love.
Keep up the God work.

Anonymous said...

This a great and necessary post. We need to continously give thanks to our Father that he has given us a way to provide for our needs. I don't even want to think of what it would feel like to not have a job and not be able to eat, pay my bills, etc.. We need to remember that our work place is just that a "work place" While we spend a good portion of the day there, it is not where our focus should be. We give our 100% when we are there but it is not our life, our life is doing God's work.

Thank you for sharing this!