Friday, October 19, 2012

Look For The Beauty

On Fridays, I love to stretch myself by participating in Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday blog party.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write for 5 minutes, writing from the heart, and not doing endless revisions of what we have written.  Just plain and simple off-the-cuff writing.  Visit her at her blog, Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama, if you would like to participate.

Today's word is ....


I'm just not an observant person, which is why I had to give up my aspirations to be a spy.  As I've told many times, I didn't even see my own husband whose car had broke down on the side of the road.

But lately, I've been training my eyes to look around me, to see the beauties of nature.  I have been making a conscious effort to feast my eyes on the gorgeous landscapes God has created.  The other day, the sun was shining through ruby red, flaming orange and vivid yellow trees as I was driving to work.  Oh, if only I had time to stop and photograph all that beauty!

My photo of Whippoorwill Lake

Recently, I saw sunbeams dancing on lake water - so brilliant it was like gold!

I'm thinking that perhaps I need to make a more conscious effort to look, really look, at the people around me.  What is written on their faces?  Is there a need written right across their tentative smiles that I just don't see? Is there a joy lighting their countenance? After all, if God put so much beauty into inanimate things such as trees and lakes, what beauty is there in the faces of His people if only I'd really look?

I have eyes to see - let me look!


Jan Cox said...

Love your post. The reflection with the sparkles is awesome. I too need to stop and look - I move too quickly, do too much.
Hoping I can link to your post as blogger sometimes doesn't like me. lol:)
Jan - linking in from Lisa Jo.

Denise said...

Really like this.