Friday, July 13, 2012


Once again, Friday has rolled around closing out another week in the world of Jerralea's Journey.  One thing I've learned is how easy it is to forget the blessings of each week if not written down.  My mind is a fickle thing, always running on to the next thought.  So, once a week, I corral it, and make it remember at least 5 things that brightened my world this week.

Because dwelling on good things is a principle set forth by God Himself.  (See Philippians 4:8).

1.  As always, I've had fun blogging this week.  Blogging is always a world-brightener to me because I believe God has gifted me to share encouragement.  Now I'm certainly not saying that I'm the best writer or blogger.  Far from it.  I've learned I don't have to be perfect to encourage someone. My favorite post to write this week was I Am Relentless.

2.  Sunday was Mr. Jim-Bob's birthday!  We had had so many special meals out lately that he just wanted to be home for his birthday.  Our oldest and youngest daughters joined us for the meal.  It would have been perfect if Janae and Daniel could have been there.  Anyway, I'm thankful to have had my hubby for another year. He is a blessing to me.

3.  Home grown tomatoes - how I love them.  Miss Florence at my church gave me 7 beautiful jewels of ruby-red goodness! They were big and juicy. Yum Yum. (I've got two left ... but not for long)

4.  Watermelon - Liss was given two watermelons.  (You gotta love those who share their produce!)  Anyway, we are on the second one.  We like to cut them up in chunks and keep them refrigerated.  So refreshing to have a bowl of ice-cold watermelon! (Did you know watermelon is a super food?)

5.  Memories - I've been meditating on Philippians 4:8 and it occurred to me that it is a wonderful thing to have lovely memories to dwell on.  Oh yes, there have been bad memories as well, I don't want to give a false impression that my life has always been sunshine and roses.  However, God has gifted me from my earliest years with the ability to dwell on good things - even if I have to make them up!  I did a lot of pretending as a kid but now there are so many blessings in my life I can truly dwell on lovely TRUE things.

I will share with you a memory that brightened my morning today:  I was thinking about memories and thought back to my very earliest memory.  I was very small, so small in fact, that I remember my mother giving me a bath in the kitchen sink.  She dried me off and dressed me in some pink footie pajamas.  They must have been some kind of fleecy material because I can remember the feel of them all these years later. As she was finishing up, my daddy came in the door.  I looked up and saw him and went wild with joy!  He picked me up and I remember squeezing his neck so tight!  Oh, how I loved him!

Dwelling on this brought tears to my eyes.  Happy tears because I was fortunate to have that special bond with my dad.  A blessing some have not enjoyed.  I also thought about how very young he was at the time.  He was probably only 22.  A baby himself!

I don't have a photo of that particular memory (except in my mind) but here is one of Daddy and me that probably wasn't that much later.

Wasn't he handsome?

Well, so ends a week in Jerralea's Journey.  Here's wishing you many world-brighteners and happy memories this week.

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Faith said...

Oh your dad WAS a handsome man! and what a wonderful memory! i too love to dwell on my memories..well, the good ones i mean! :) It sounds like you had a special week and I almost shared about watermelon too!! that's funny....we keep it sliced or chunked in the fridge as well and yum...makes a great late afternoon snack. My kids even like it with breakfast! :) Have a good weekend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What a SWEET picture of you and your dad! I have wonderful memories of my dad, too. What a blessing to remember the good.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

Brenda said...

Your father was VERY handsome and that is a beautiful memory. I love that you love blogging and sharing all of your encouragements with all of us. And yes, watermelon and tomatoes- summer!

mylittlecottage said...

nice ppost thanks for sharing blessings

Susanne said...

What a lovely memory! I love to think back on the precious things of my childhood too.

Love ice cold watermelon. Didn't know it was a superfruit though.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to have such a vivid and early memory of you and your dad! I agree, you do have the gift of encouragement :-) Glad Mr. JB had a nice birthday with his family. Hey, we both had homegrown (well, somebody else's home still counts) tomatoes to fave this week!