Monday, July 9, 2012



Outside my window...
76° right now with a 50% chance of rain and a high of 88° ... we've been praying for rain and received a little bit last week through scattered showers.  I'm hoping for a steady soaking rain for a day or so.  The temps are supposed to be down this week - maybe even in the upper 80s!

I am thinking... about Pastor Travis' statement last night:  "You need to be in preparation for your calling." Will I be ready when the opportunity presents itself?

I am thankful...dreams and vision.  Life would be so boring without having things on the horizon.  God's word says without a vision, the people perish.

In the kitchen... homemade chicken pot pie, tacos on Wednesday, not sure yet about the rest of the week ...

I am wearing... white maxi skirt, peach top.

I am creating
...a godly witness.  I have an opportunity to be Christlike to someone who upset me!

I am reading... "When Crickets Cry," by Charles Martin.  It's not what I thought it would be at all!

I am looking forward to... vacation ... I need a break!

I am learning...there are always improvements to be made.

Around the house... I finally finished organizing my coupon notebook.  It felt so good to get another project done!  Now to tackle filing away all the sheet music ...

I am next project.

A favorite quote for today...

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)
Don't be afraid, He will help you.  (Thanks!  I needed to hear that!)

One of my favorite things...peanut butter smoothies

A few plans for the rest of the week: to spend more time in the Word, and to take more photos!

A peek into my day...

Table set for Jim's birthday dinner.

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  You can link up at her site, The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Karyn said...

the table looks lovely. Happy Birthday to Jim!

My DIL is reading 'When Crickets Cry' right now. It's a tearjerker, that's all I remember of it. (I read it several years ago, when it first came out) I love Charles Martin's writing.

I like your attitude about creating a godly witness in a difficult situation.

We are experiencing extra heat this week as well. Yesterday was over 30C (about 88F) with enough humidity to add 10 degrees Celcius. Our climate is usually quite dry so we complain about humidity quite a lot.

Great scripture for encouragement! Thanks for sharing it.

Whandah's Umbrella said...

loving the color choice of the table setting.

Pat said...

I love your thoughts, I have been reminding myself, whatever we are going through, God already knows and He has this under control.

Arlene said...

That verse is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you for sharing it! Have a lovely and blessed week.

Theresa said...

Yum, chicken pot pies! I love that verse you shared too. What a beautiful table you set. Happy Birthday to your Jim :)

Susanne said...

So is that book not what you thought in a good or a bad way?

Homemade chicken pot pie is one of my favorite meals.

And I'm with ya, I need a break too! Vacation...bring it on!

golap mohi said...

Excellent choice(table)...
Beautiful writing...
Another Day in Paradise