Friday, July 6, 2012

Where Your Story Begins

On Fridays, I like to write in community with the 5 Minute Friday bloggers.  We write for 5 minutes on a topic that Lisa-Jo chooses, then we link up at her blog:  Lisa-Jo Baker:  tales from a Gypsy Mama. It is so interesting to see everyone's different ideas on the same word!


I've heard it said, "Home is where your story begins," and I think it is true.  I began life as the product of two different families embodied in my parents.  I can see parts of myself that is like dad's side of the family.  Parts of me are just like mom's side.

Nurtured in the home, I was a child that felt she could do anything.  My daddy always said so.  He said I was smart.  He said I was like him - I could endure pain without making a big deal about it.  He said I was like my grandma - beautiful.  Whenever I did well in school, he never seemed surprised.  He just knew I could do it.

The Home Place Where My Dad's Story Began
My mama was shy.  She never wanted to be the object of attention.  Yet Daddy could be the life of the party - if he wanted to be that.  Somehow those conflicting ideas are wrapped up in me.  The girl who doesn't mind talking in front of a crowd but somehow becomes tongue-tied when meeting new people. The person who can be so sure of what she wants yet struggling with indecision.

The thing is, my story hasn't ended yet.  I am past the middle of the book but still feel there are many twists and turns to the plot of the story of my life.

The one thing I do know about my story is the author.  The God who created me using two very different parents made a unique individual.  Though I have both a brother and a sister, yet somehow we three are not the same.  We've been raised in the same home and experienced many of the same happenings, yet, our makeup is each a little different. Carefully crafted by the Master storyteller, our stories are different, yet the same.  The twists and turns of each sibling's life takes a different path, yet I am confident that at the conclusion of each story, we'll be in the same place.

Because our family raised us in the way we should go.



MyJourneyBack said...

A beautiful story you have. I love your confidence that your brothers and sisters have the same story and that you are confident that they will end the same way. Your post was a blessing to me and a reminder. Thanks for sharing and visiting me.
Have a Blessed Weekend Sherry.


What a precious post. Thank you for sharing your story.

mylittlecottage said...

nice post...thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more..blessings from holland