Friday, June 29, 2012

Dancing In The Kitchen

On Fridays, I join other bloggers as we write for 5 minutes on a subject picked out by Lisa-Jo at Lisa-Jo Baker - tales from a Gypsy Mama.  We write for the fun of it, with no revisions or second-guessing ourselves.


When I saw that the word for this week's 5 minute Friday was dance, my first thought was, "I was raised to believe dancing was worldly, so what can I say about this subject?"

Source:  Google Images
Then God whispered to me, "You do dance in the kitchen."  That's true ... if you want to call it dancing.  Sometimes when the joy of living comes over me, I do a little waltzy kind of two-step in the kitchen as I am cooking.  I usually warble "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" when I do it.  Or sometimes, a few bars of "Ai Yi Yi, I am the Frito Bandito."  I wouldn't really call it a dance.

But maybe that is what dancing is - a joyous movement of the feet just because you can't hold it back.  I love times when I feel that way - that life is so rich and enjoyable, you can't help but have joy well up in you and come out your feet.

As uncoordinated as I am, a few dance steps can be a lot of fun.  Especially accompanied by silly songs.

Because, after all, silly is what I do best!



Modern Day Disciple said...

Glad God helped you see you have freedom to dance In Him. Happy Friday!

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

It doesn't matter if coordinated or not just so long as you dance and it makes you feel happy and laughter while your doing it. Blessings

Melissa said...

I love the way we all took the same word to use as inspiration and reflected on it in so many wonderful ways! The happiness in your heart comes through in the words on your blog!

SouthMainMuse said...

I love the thought of you dancing in the kitchen...I think God created our bodies to move in rhythm. One of my favorite thing at our church (and we go to a larger church in a small town -- no mega church) is the elementary school girls creative dance. Their sweet faces and movement always brings my to tears.

Whandah's Umbrella said...

It is a wonderful feeling to just get up and dance sometime, so i know how you feel. Dance on.......