Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(Due to technical difficulties, this was not posted until Tuesday.)

Outside my window... a gorgeous day in the upper seventies.... the air feels marvelous!

I am thinking...of how blessed I am!

I am thankful...Jesus is still in my boat! (Read Mark 4:35-40) (Thanks for the idea, Bro. Jeff Wilson!)

In the kitchen...spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

I am wearing...black jeans, black and white houndstooth print top

I am creating... an example by my life - consciously or unconsciously ...

I am going... to get my nails done today. I love doing that.

I am looking forward to...Memorial Day weekend!

Around the house... Mother's Day gifts to put up such as a round mirror trimmed in zebra and a new jewelry box to corral all my many earrings.  Yeah!  Just want I wanted!

I am pondering
... when is my next quiet time?

A favorite quote for today
... just saw this today:

"I’m not meant to be a human doing. I am a human being. I need to take time to be still – to cease striving ... – and be with the Father, with my thoughts, with His creation." Joanne Sher, Internet Cafe Devotions, 05.14.12

One of my favorite things
...springtime breezes

A few plans for the rest of the week :planning my menu for the potluck we are having Saturday, board meeting, and I am ashamed to say I STILL haven't packed away my winter clothes - maybe this is the week it will happen..

A peek into my day...

My new mirror before it gets hung on the wall.

The Daybook concept is the brainchild of Peggy Hostetler.  You can link up at her blog:  The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Anonymous said...

I love your "creating"! :) I haven't had any quiet time with the Lord in about a week and I am really feeling it! Sounds like Fun gifts! It is so nice when you receive things that YOU love! Don't feel bad about the winters clothes. I hardly ever get around to that. Then when I do it seems like I just put them away and I have to get them out again! LOL!
Hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoyed your Daybook!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I always enjoy reading these daybooks. . . I don't know why I stopped doing this!!! Loved your new mirror! Now that is one I wouldn't mind looking into once in a while. Your statement about quiet times is about the third one I've read today --- I think the Lord is trying to tell me something, No????!!!! Thank you so much for this! I really enjoyed being here today!

LISA said...

Just keep rowing that boat, but let him steer.I like that mirror with your couch and pillows.
With Belated Mother's Day Blessings,

Theresa said...

I am still slowly putting away winter clothes. Spring breezes are one of my favorites too- especially with fresh cleaned clothes hanging on the clothesline :)

Jo said...

We haven't put our winter clothes away yet either - but that's not laziness, it's because every time we think it's actually summer now, the weather suddenly turns on us again. We've still got the thickest duvet on the bed, the heating coming on in the morning, and blankets for snuggling under in the sitting room. Not like May at all.

Arlene said...

Your "creating" made me stop and think. How very true! I need to remember that throughout my day, and pray that my life is a reflection of all the Lord has done in my life. Thanks for that great reminder!

Loved your daybook! God bless you, have a wonderful week.

Lisa notes... said...

Love that mirror! Hope you find the perfect place to hang it.

Also love the quote about being a human "being", not a human "doing." I so need that reminder all the time!