Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18 Friday's Fave Five

Friday has rolled around once again.  It's time to reflect on highlights from the past week.

1.  Lovin' those cool breezes.  It's been a great week with cool temps, sunny days and nice breezes.  I'm enjoying as much as possible because this weekend it is supposed to hit 90°.  We've only had to run the air conditioner sporadically.  Always a good thing.

2.  Date Night - Actually it was double date night with our friends, Wayne and Glenda, but we always call it date night for some reason.  We went to our favorite pizza place, Mackie's, and had the special - a supreme pizza with sliced apples on it!  Sounds weird but it is absolutely yum.

3.  Mother's Day, of course, was a highlight.  Dinner out with my favorite people (except my middle daughter and son-in-law didn't get to come) and I received something I've been wanting.  A round mirror with zebra trim that I saw months ago and thought would be perfect with my couch.

Love it!

4.  Wonderful Work Week - everything went smoothly and there was time to catch up on little jobs that needed to be done.  AND there was time to do some organizing - one of my favorite things to do. I do love my job and finding ways to make things better makes me happy.

5.  This week, I ran across a scripture that just "spoke" to me:

Blessed be the Lord,
Who daily loads us with benefits,
The God of our salvation! Selah
... Psalm 68:19 NKJV

Somehow I never saw that before, He LOADS us with benefits.  Think on that! 

I hope all my readers have a glorious wonderful weekend.  Remember to look for the highlights!

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Susanne said...

That pizza sounds intriquing. Can't say I've ever had that before.

We hit the '80's on Mother's and the air conditioner was going for a couple of days. Today the heater kicked in. Welcome to spring in my neck of the woods.

The zebra mirror is perfect with your throw rug! Looks like your room is really coming together nicely!

Kathie said...

A very encouraging verse! Thanks!

Glad you had such a great Mother's day - the mirror matches perfectly!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Time to do organizing? I need that!

He LOADS us with benefits -- I need that, too. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

That mirror looks like it was made for your room :-) Congrats on both loving your job and having a great week. Certainly nothing to be taken for granted.

Faith said...

YES!! HE loads us!! i love that translation! and needed that reminder tonite for sure! You had a special week! That pizza is not anything I've ever seen before! interesting...not sure I'd like apples on mine although I do like pineapple and ham on mine! :)
have a relaxing weekend!