Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - January 13, 2011

Overall it's been a good week in my neck of the woods.  Nothing earthshaking has happened, either good or bad.  (Except for my email getting hacked, that was upsetting, but I'm over it.)

So, I've got nothing for you guys.  No amusing anecdotes, no road trips, no photos, nothing. Thanks for dropping by.  See you next week.

But wait!  There is always some kind of highlight or favorite to be found, right?  I mean that's the premise of this exercise, to find five good things in your week. Does it matter if it has already been said?  A good thing is still a good thing, even if you have talked about it for a bajillion times.

1.  I love me some casual Fridays.  I dress up seven days a week.  When you work 6 days a week and then go to church on the 7th day, dressing up can get old.  So, I wear dress jeans on both Fridays and Saturdays.  I wear dressy tops and shoes with them but still, it feels so good to wear jeans!

2.  On that same note, I love my comfy clothes that I change into when I get home.  I have a pair of flannel pajama pants that feel sooooooooo good.  I also have a comfy top that is just so comforting to put on.  Too bad they don't match!

3.  Which brings to mind another good thing that I've written about endlessly (no, it's not my bed), I love the ambiance and warmth of home.  Sometimes when I'm having a stressful day, I just mentally picture me sitting on my favorite spot on the couch, with my feet up, my favorite throw nearby, some tea ready to drink on the nearby end table.  I see the lamps on with their warm glow, a few flickering candles and somehow, peace just comes over me. As Winnie the Pooh said, "Home is the comfiest place to be."  I heartily endorse the sentiment.

4. God's word:  the most comforting thing of all!  I love the word so much.  It excites me when I look at scripture and something just jumps out at me!  This week, I'm all excited about this scripture in the Message version: 

We thank you, God, we thank you— your Name is our favorite word;
      your mighty works are all we talk about
. – Psalm 75:1 MSG

I know, I talked about that same scripture yesterday, but it's so good I want to talk about it again! The name of Jesus is my favorite word and I do love to talk about Him.  He has done so much for me!   I also love the fact that I can read His word in more than one version.  Comparing versions can bring clarity.  I was just asked this week what I would recommend for a second version to own.  I was torn between the New Living Translation and the Message.  In the end, I chose the New Living Translation.  To me, the Message version is more poetic; for every day study, I like the NLT.  Of course, I love the Amplified, the Holman Christian Study Bible and also the New Century Version.  So many to choose from, what a blessing!

5.  Blogging:  I just love to blog and I also love to read blogs.  I'm always thinking about it!  I want to give props to the FFF family of bloggers.  You all are such a great group, and I appreciate that you visit each others blogs to comment.  You're probably the best group of commenters out in cyberspace. 

Okay, I did find five things!  If you'd like to share your five (or more!) link up at Susanne's Living to tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

Smiling at your opening comments. :-) I've had weeks like that, and it's perfectly fine to mention things you've mentioned before. It's good to be continually thankful even for the same things.

I agree with Pooh, too! I love my snug little house, too, and love curling up with a book or to watch TV with the family or to work on a project.

Amen to God's Word -- there's something in it for us as often as we look at it.

And I love blogging, too. I agree that it is courteous to visit someone' blog and comment there after they've commented on ours.

Karyn said...

Sounds like you've had a perfectly lovely, comfortable week. A whole week without anything memorable? Sounds wonderful to me.

Bless you, Jerri - I hope your next week is just as comfortable.

ellen b. said...

Love each and every favorite for sure. Love me my comfy flannels most of all. Blessings on your weekend.!

Brenda said...

I know what you mean about dressing up every day, my favorite thing is to wear my yoga pant :) But I also love my flannel pajamas, so cozy!

Susanne said...

I had a smile too at your opening paragraphs.

I'm totally with Pooh's sentiments. And my kids would say matching pj's is just not the thing to do. Go for unmatching! :v)

I love looking up a scripture in different versions. And I totally love when a scripture just jumps out at me even though I might have read it a billion times.

And I really love the FFF family too. I look forward to each friday. Sometimes when I find the exercise hard just reading others blessings primes the pump for me to recognize my own.

elizabeth said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog post about my after Christmas decorating. I love my jammmies too! :)

Anonymous said...

Each of your faves made me smile -- I can hear your enthusiasm for the comfy things around you. I'm with you on the availability of Bible versions. We are so blessed with such easy access!

Willow said...

I agree with you about comfy things and the comfort of home! It's also always great to be looking for God's great works!