Monday, January 16, 2012

Daybook-January 16, 2012


Outside my window... another dreary day.  It's not cold, just a gray day.

I am thinking...of new ways I could blog this year.

I am thankful...for all the Lord has done to help us in 2011.  I should not worry about 2012 because I know how faithful He is to care for me.

In the kitchen
...homemade hamburger helper and cornbread.  I need comfort food on a gray day.

I am wearing...gray pants and gray cardi with a peach shirt.  I'm also wearing my new gray shooties, or are they called booties?  Anyway it's a shoe that looks like a boot. I'm also having a good hair day, and just let me say, when your hair looks good, and your feel good in your clothes, it just makes the day go so much better!  So, don't wear something that you don't like!  It's not worth it.

I am blog posts. 

I am going...crazy .. I just answered the phone by saying, "Praise the Lord!"  They hung up on me ...

I am wondering... what 2012 has in store for us. (Hmm... did I say that already? If so, I'm still wondering!)

I am reading... "Freedom Writers" by Erin Gruwell

I am hoping...for the dreams I have for my children to come to fruition.

I am looking forward next day off!  I got so spoiled during the holidays that now I dream of time off all the time!

I am lean on Him.

Around the house...piles of books and magazines for me to read. I love to read!

I am  More about this will be coming ...

A favorite quote for today... Martha Cook said, "In some way or other the Lord will provide; it may not be my way, it may not be thy way, and yet in His own way, the Lord will provide."

One of my favorite shoes.  Okay, retail therapy just works for me.  Don't judge me!

A few plans for the rest of the week
: get ready for a board meeting, blogging, reading and possibly some movie-watching.

A peek into my day...

My new shoes ... My daughter calls them "Pilgrim shoes,"  I say they're booties.  What say you?

Daybooking is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  It's a fun way to journal!  If you'd like to join in, link up at her blog, "
The Simple Woman's Daybook."

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