Monday, November 15, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - November 15, 2010


Outside my window...36° and a grayish day ... so far.
I am thinking...of all the things I have to do this week.
I am thankful for...the prayers of my church family. They have prayed that I would feel better and that I would have the strength to get done all that I need to do this week.
From the kitchen... chili today.  Ribs tomorrow night - Daniel and Janae are coming for dinner and Janae wants ribs.
I am wearing... black pants and cardigan, raspberry colored shirt with frilly collar
I am creating... a peaceful home - that is always my goal!
I am going... to praise God every time I get a chance.  It was nice to see that this Sunday evening when we had testimony time that several people participated!  It is always a good thing to testify about how the Lord takes care of us.
I am reading... a new mystery from the Psalm 23 Mysteries by Debbie Viguié.  The heroine is a church secretay!  You gotta love that!
I am hoping...that my daughter's wedding goes smoothly.  It's this Saturday!
I am hearing... a dog barking.
Around the house...dusting needs to be done and refrigerator cleaned out.  Company's coming!
One of my favorite things... to-do lists with items checked off!
A few plans for the rest of the week: manicure, haircut, finishing up buying food for reception, board meeting, DECORATING for wedding.  Please pray for me that I will get all of this done.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
We were talking in Sunday School this week about how close to the edge of a cliff is it safe to go? Wouldn't it be better to keep far away from the edge? In the same way, why get so close to temptation?  It's better to stay far away.

This talk about getting close to the edge of a cliff made me think about a photo I took this summer at the Garden of the Gods. 

I stood right on the edge of this big rock in order to get a picture.  I have to tell you that I am terrified of heights.  Waves of dizziness came over me as I stood as close to the edge as I dared.  I began to think, "What if I lost my balance and fell?"  I got a couple pictures and then I got off there as quickly as possible.

Here's one of the photos I took while standing on that rock.

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Anonymous said...

Ribs - yum! I really need to learn how to cook ribs. My whole family loves them, and I've never attempted them! I hope the wedding goes beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Sending Best Wishes for the Wedding this Weekend!

Abdulji said...

Its mean dear u r also Joining the Marriage people Community... Best wishes for u dear :)

Theresa said...

I always love the colors you wear. Raspberry!! I also always love you pictures.

I am praying for your peace and sanity in this week of excitement! A Wedding!! Enjoy!!

Karyn said...

The wedding is this week already? I've been away too long!

A little advise from someone who has done the 'my child is getting married' a few times (4, to be exact)......Do what you can to be as ready as possible then, on the big day....ENJOY YOURSELF AND THE MOMENT - something will go wrong (it always does)...just shrug your shoulders and let it go. Stressing over the imperfections will steal your joy on this wonderful day - and also mar the day for your daughter.
Your guests will enjoy themselves regardless of any 'hitches' so you might as well, too.

GREAT PHOTOS! And I've always appreciated that analogy about staying away from the edge of the cliff in regard to staying away from temptation....or the 'grey area'

Annette said...

You came by my blog, Our Ordinary Life a while back so I'm returning the visit.

I have to tell you the wainscoting in the dining room picture is not my house. It was my Mother-in-law's. Hubby painted it that beautiful blue a few days before Thanksgiving.

I hope your daughter's wedding went well. And I loved your (other?) daughter's senior picture in the barn!