Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday-The Attitude Behind the Gratitude

November's Thankful Thursday hostess, Laurie at Women Taking A Stand, asks the question, "What Is On Your Thanksgiving Menu? What is the Attitude Behind the Gratitude."

Great question!  So often, we as moms, are so busy trying to plan the perfect Thanksgiving feast that reflecting upon the many blessings God has given us winds up being the last thing on our minds.

I don't want that to be me. After all, I have been so incredibly blessed.  I don't know why, but God chose to let me be born in America! He let me have parents who loved me - and told me so! He gave my father a good job that provided for our needs and some of our wants. I had the opportunity to go to school - for free - and learn to read and write (skills I use everyday and depend on greatly).

If that were not enough, He let me meet my husband (the Christian boy that I had asked for in my prayers) and get married.  He blessed us with three girls that were healthy.  (I had specifically asked for girls.)  He gave me a job when I needed one doing something I like to do.

He provides a roof over our heads, food on our table, and somehow the bills get paid even when it looks scary.

He's given me a little church family to encourage me, and a hobby blogging about things I love to stretch me and help me to be creative.

I am so incredibly blessed and, knowing how unworthy I am, I'm thankful beyond measure.

Would you like to share your thankfulness?  Link up over at Laurie's Women Taking A Stand.


Godsgalnj said...

I loved your list!! I can relate to the first half... and have been praying about the second half of your post (except I want a mix of boys and girls =)). I love your grateful attitude towards God.

Have a blessed, thankful Thursday!

LAURIE said...

"The attitude behind the Gratitude!" It is my prayer that God will be pleased with my attitude, may it always be about Him and not me! Thanks for sharing with us today, HAPPY TT! :)

Nana Jul said...

What a Great many things we take for granted. O that we may have a right heart.
Thank you for stopping by! Happy TT, and Happy Thanksgiving too!

Joan said...

Beautiful and full of gratitude! I've been guilty of thinking of things that occurred in my life as "just happening". Yes, I know we make choices (and sometimes those choices are bad), but the Sovereign God is in control - He orchestrates the events of our lives and He is our provider.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the blog visit.



Your list could have been mine. Loved the post and thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

Amen! Don't we have so much to be thankful for?! Love this post!!