Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #97

Blogging is like having an online journal. One of the reasons I blog is to journal my life for my family and friends, and hopefully, one day, my grandchildren.  I love participating in Friday's Fave Five because we are focusing on the positive aspects of our lives.  Some weeks finding the positive is super easy, other weeks?  Not so much.  Even in the worst of weeks, there is some nugget of hope.  You just have to mine it out!

1.  Last Saturday was a very busy day.  I started out the day yard-saling with my daughters. The yard sales were not that great this week.  My favorite find was three Fire King plates that were a translucent gold with a wheat pattern around the rim.  My granny used to have plates like these.  Now I have treasure to search for - more Fire King plates!

2.  Then it was on to the church for worship team practice and then a few hours of work in the office. This was board meeting week so my office time included financial reports.  Blech!  However, the day ended with a road trip!  I always love those ...  My hubby and I decided to drive to Crab Orchard Lake.  When I was a child, I can remember my dad taking me there.  We got there about dusk and got a couple shots of the lake:

I always love photos of the sun hitting the water.

I also love to take shots through the trees.

Crab Orchard is also a wildlife refuge.  Here at the park is an outdoor theater.

Put a man behind a pulpit and he will always have something to say ...

The refuge also has a nature trail that takes about an hour to walk.  Here is my hubby starting down the trail.  We didn't finish, though, because we didn't bring the right shoes to walk in the woods, and more importantly, we had no insect repellant!  It was also beginning to be dark.  We plan on going back sometime and walking the whole trail.

3.  The next day, Sunday, was a sad day.  My Uncle Sam had passed away and the visitation (or wake) was held for him that evening.  On Monday, the funeral was held at our home church. It's hard to find anything positive in the death of a relative except the solace of knowing he had made things right with the Lord and that his physical suffering is over.  Also, the presence of friends and family mean so much. It's sad to say that times like these are the only times that distant relatives seem to connect.  We're all too busy to visit unless death steps in and rearranges our calendars.

4.  Wednesday was another day that took a little digging to find the positive.  One of our little chicks left the nest.  Our middle daughter, Janae, decided that she was ready to live away from the family home. She and a girlfriend are now sharing an apartment.  My one positive point I found in this is that she does not live far away - only 20 miles. When I moved away from home, I moved 1000 miles away.  What was I thinking???

The rest of the week was filled with meetings and the usual stuff of life.

5. Quote of the week:  "A compliment is verbal sunshine." Robert Orben 

Go spread some sunshine!

If you'd like to share your week, link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story. 


Islandsparrow said...

Sad news about your uncle. Love of family at that time is such a comfort.

I'm sending you a hug re your daughter moving out. I've had them move out and then back in - I'm getting a bit used to it. But it's still hard. I guess they have to grow up don't they :)

Glad you had a fun road trip with your dh!

Happy weekend!

Laura said...

You DID have an up-and-down week! I think the Lord gives them to us that way so we don't try to live either on top of the mountain or struggle through the deep valley.

Praying for your "downs" and praising your "ups"! By the way, the lake shots were just beautiful. His creation always buoys me. Happy weekend.

Karyn said...

My heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your uncle. Uncles are such a wonderful part of life, aren't they? I'm glad he made things right with God so you will see him again.

I think I know what plates you are talking about! I've never known the 'name' of them, but you describe the dishes MY grandma had! I have a couple cups and saucers of that pattern. I love them - simply because they make me think of my Gramma who died when I was just 8 years old. I think the antique store in my village has a whole set of them! Why don't you come visit me and check them out?

We have cooler weather, too. :)

Seriously...could you send me a photo of the plates you bought so I can know if it is the same as the ones I'm thinking of? Then I'd know what to call my own 'treasures'.

BTW.....first chick leaving the nest is the hardest. Here's a (((hug))). Don't worry - you've raised her right and she loves you. She'll be back - often.

LISA said...

I am sorry for both of your losses this week. As usual, you do a fine job of searching for the positive. Lovely pictures of the lake. Until next time...

Brenda said...

So sorry about your loss. Its comforting to be with family during those times.

How nice that your daughter found a place so close.

hip-chick said...

One of my little chick-lets moved away a couple of weeks ago also. She is only about a half hour away but I still miss her. You are good to look for the positive.

Karen said...

I love the nuggets of hope you shared for this week...

So sorry for the loss of your uncle...and your comment about death rearranging our calendars is right on the mark...sadly...

Your daughter's flight is a hard but necessary one...and it is good she is so close....

Lisa notes... said...

The photos of the lake are so beautiful. And relaxing. Love the pulpit photo. So cute. Sorry about your Uncle Sam. :-(

Anonymous said...

What a week. I'm glad you had moments of comfort and joy and beauty in the midst of it.

Julie said...

I liked what you said about blogging/journaling. Its preserving history :)
Did you know there are places that will turn your blog into a book?
I just discovered this last week!
Terribly sorry for your family's loss...praying strenghth & comforting peace.

Melli said...

LOL! When I moved away I moved 1000 miles too -- but I was thinking survival - and it worked!

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle Sam... not sorry for him - he's with the Lord ... but sorry for those left behind.

Thank you for REMINDING me that good nuggets abound... Last week? AWESOME! This week? NOT so awesome!

Susanne said...

I'm very sorry about your uncle. And I agree, it's sad that sometimes that is the only time extended family gets together.

I totally relate about a daughter moving out. Twenty minutes is good though. Mine moved 8 hours away.

You have a lot of lovely lakes around your area!

Donnetta said...

I have also found that even in the bad weeks, there is good to be found. Glad you made your list in the midst of your week!

Sorry to hear about your losses. Both of your uncle and your daughter moving out. I know the time is coming when my children will begin doing the same. UGH

The hike looks fun and the pic's are beautiful.

Trusting you are having a refreshing weekend and that the days in this coming week are a bit brighter.