Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #82

It's Friday! Time for one of my favorite blog parties, Friday's Fave Five. This is the time to reflect on my week and choose five highlights.

1. Like so many of you, last weekend was very busy.  In spite of the busy-ness, I took time out to do an Easter craft. (I love me some crafts, but since I began working two jobs, I rarely make any.)  I was inspired by Lori at Life As Lori to make Easter egg topiaries.  Pictured below is my attempt.

The sad thing is that I didn't buy enough materials to have my creations look like Lori's.  You can see hers here.  So, I had to make do with what I had because I would have had to drive 24 miles to get more supplies.  (Story of my life--that's the joys of living in the sticks!)

My next four highlights all happened on the same day!

2.  On Tuesday, our new computers were delivered!  Recently, I had gotten a new computer at work, but now we got two new ones for home.  (We usually buy something for the home once a year and this was it.)  In our family, delivery of new computers is definitely a red-letter day! Now, I should be able to blog more often. (If only I could buy more hours in my day ...)

3. Next, I took off work to go with my hubby to test drive a new vehicle.  We ended up buying a new-to-us Chrysler Town & Country van.  We missed driving a van - we've had a car for the last five years.  Now, I've more space for yard-saling ... and for going to Florida! (I'll post a picture later.)

4. Our monthly "going out to eat" with our extended family.  Since Jim's mom passed away, his brothers and sister all agreed to making it a priority to go out to eat with each other once a month so that we could keep in touch.  All our lives are so packed with activity that if you don't schedule getting together time, it won't happen.

5.  Last thing that happened Tuesday was that my sweet hubby went while I was at a meeting and picked up my new shoes that I had ordered.  I don't often order shoes, but I was blessed - they fit!

How did your week go?  Link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story and share.


LISA said...

Wow, you have had an exciting week. I tried to post a comment on your last post this morning to let you know I was thinking about you. For some reason it seemed like a long time between you posts, now I know why. I love that idea of going out once a month with your husbands siblings. Have a wonderful weekend breaking in a new car, new shoes and new computer.

Beth said...

wow busy week! Fun car new shoes! Have a great weekend

Melli said...

My goodness but you have had an EGGSiting week! I love those little topiaries! Yours AND Lori's! I might make some of them next year... if I can find cute little buckets.

New computers! New car! New shoes! WOW! I don't remember EVER getting that much new stuff on one day! And getting to go out to eat! I like that custom by the way... I'm thinking MY family should do that!

Barbara H. said...

Those topiaries are cute!

I love that custom of meeting extended family for dinner once a month.

New computers, van, and shoes in one day! How fun! I love my van, too.

Marg said...

I sure can sense that you are making many intentional thoughts in your week. As we all know, if we don't book those times...they slip away.
So we will not wait to see your new shoes.
Sounds like a busy but good week.

Brenda said...

New shoes and a new car, great week!

I like the idea of a monthly family night out, I would like to get my husbands family to do that, sometimes we just go too long without seeing each other!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! A banner week, new shoes, new car, new computer and a night out to boot. I would be happy with just one new things!

Enjoy your new computer, that would have been my fav too!


ellen b. said...

Shoes that fit! That is a great thing. I love your idea of getting together with the family once a month! Whoohoo new computers. A vehicle designed for garage sales...I like that. Girl! I feel like a slug after hearing you work 2 jobs. God bless you...

Lisa notes... said...

Love your Easter topiaries! I used to do crafts during Easter week when my girls were small, but haven’t done much since then. I hope I’ll get back into it when I have grandchildren (way down the road!).

Congrats on getting a new computer. What fun!

I’m inspired by your “going out to eat” monthly family meal. Prior to my dad's illness and passing away, we had a meal at somebody's house once a month for extended family. But we haven't done it but once in 2010. We definitely need to squeeze in a “going out to eat” meal to get that precious family time.

Laura said...

You really had a "new," blessed week! That's great.

My favorite part was family meal once a month. What a great thing -- and you're right, unless you plan something like that, you just get too busy and it doesn't happen. That was an inspiration. Thanks.

Happy weekend.

Karen said...

Enjoyed this list...

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

First, let me say the Topiries are very cute....and I also love the bowl full of lemons they are so pretty.

WOW! 2 new computers! AND a new car AND new shoes! A red letter day, for sure!

I love the idea of a 'date' with your siblings every month.

Enjoy your weekend!

Susanne said...

Wow, lots of "new" faves this week. I love my van way better than our car. Enjoy your new one!

The little topiaries turned out really cute in spite of not being exactly the same as the ones where you found them. I wish I was more crafty.

Love the tradition you and your family have started. Sometimes you just have to schedule the things that are important otherwise the "busyness" tends to swallow it up.

Islandsparrow said...

Computers arriving is a red letter day in this house too! I got a new laptop in Jan and I'm loving it.

I love the idea of eating out once a month with family.

Happy weekend!

Willow said...

New computers! Yay! That's great!

I love the idea of getting together every month with the extended family. It would not be possible with mine because they all live in Oregon, but maybe I'll suggest this to The Professor's siblings.

Congrats on the new car!

Have a great weekend!

nikkipolani said...

I love this list of fives :-) Hope those new computers make your life easier -- won't by you hours per day, though, sorry :-(

I like the tradition y'all have established to meet together. How easy for life to roll along before we realize months and months have flown by.

Theresa said...

Love the new Picture...The last one was just a little cold looking. Pretty but Cold!!!

Oh how I love that New Computer Smell!! Enjoy the new toys. I also must say that I am not a van fan but.....I do love the Town and Country! It is the Mercedes of Vans!

So glad you had a great week!!!