Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #83

Wow! It's been a fast and furious week and it's hard to believe that it's Friday already.  You know, last week's Friday's Fave Five post bothered me a little because it seemed to focus so much on material things.  I do NOT believe in materialism, I don't think that is what this life is all about. However, sometimes God just blesses us in this way and I certainly want to give Him praise for material blessings.

This week, in between all the deadlines at work, meetings at night, preparation of meals and just day-to-day tasks, I really focused on some important things to me:

1.   I just had joy in living!  One of my favorite scriptures is John 10:10, Amplified Version:

"...I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)."

In the midst of my busy-ness, I felt flashes of pure joy.  I am so blessed and it is a favorite thing for me to realize it!

2.  Time with my hubby:  This past Saturday, my husband and I took a little road trip to a town about an hour away.  (We wanted to see how our van drove on the interstate - it was awesome.)  We had a great time of visiting, did a little shopping and ate at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was great!

3.  Enjoying the beauty in nature:  I am loving springtime and the flowering trees!  In my area, the purple flowered trees (don't know what they are called) are blooming everywhere.  All the dead-looking trees now have leaves on them. My drives to and from work, church and meetings have been enjoyable just because of the scenery.

4.  I love it when my lawn gets mowed!  Yesterday, Jim mowed our grass and the yard looked so nice.  I love the smell of fresh-cut grass.  Bonus:  my hydrangea that looked so brown and dead has popped out all over with green leaves.  Can buds on the branches be far behind?

5.  I've received much inspiration this week and hope to be sharing in upcoming posts. For today, I will share a new favorite quote:

"Mess causes stress. Getting your home in order will help you get your life in order. " Kathy Peel from Busy Mom's Guide to a Happy Organized Home

I hope you had a fun interesting week.  Why not join in and share about it at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story?


Hazel said...

The quote about orderliness - I believe that, and I think it's a good thing to share.

"flashes of pure joy" how wonderful!

LISA said...

Thank you for the joy you have shared. Love the quote at the bottom, and #2~what joy:)
Have a joy filled weekend...

Islandsparrow said...

A lovely week! Our leaves aren't out yet but the trees are budding and the grass is getting quite green No SOund of lawn mowers though. I agree with you that freshly cut lawns smell wonderful!

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!

Karyn said...

A mini road trip with your man! That's a blessing, for sure. Glad you had a good time.

JOhn 10:10 is a good verse to meditate on. What does it mean to have life in abundance? Just thinking about these words of Jesus brings joy. Thanks for the reminder.

Who doesn't love a freshly mowed lawn? It will be nearly a month before we can cut our grass - but it is getting green, at least.

Your final quote is so true. There are a few people in my life that need to learn the truth in it. :) my 20 year old son, for one. LOL

ellen b said...

Joy was my theme this week too :0)
Glad you could get away with your husband. Fun times!
I do love to look at my yard after it's been mowed!
Have a great weekend...

Laura said...

Ahh, I loved your list this week. Your opening reminded me of the quote I shared at the end of my FFF!

"Flashes of pure joy" sounds wonderful.

And time away with hubby is always great. Happy weekend!

Brenda said...

I love the smell of fresh cut grass as well, and things are especially pretty this time of year.

Happy Friday!

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the greening (and purpling and pinking) up of the trees. For us here in So California, it's the hills that are green. Then they turn golden with all the wild mustard and orange with California poppies.

Marg said...

Looks like you had the right kind of week...and I loved your quote...that is so true.

Lisa notes... said...

You have a good perspective on “stuff”—don’t focus on it, but be thankful when God blesses us with it. John 10:10 is such a great promise, isn’t it? Glad you got good time with your hubby. Adds to the joy. I really believe in your quote about mess. It does cause stress for me.

Enjoy your weekend.

Susanne said...

Mess certainly causes stress for me.

I love the amplified bible and it sure opened that scripture you shared up.

I can hardly wait for things to start leafing out and coming up around here.

Debbie said...

I love your #1. Joy is living is the best blessing of all!

Karen said...

Sounds like a great week...I'm all about the joy....

Willow said...

Your post this week is so happy! I love your last quote about organization. My favorite one is "You can't organize clutter. You can only get rid of it." And your 'flashes of pure joy' statement? Priceless!

Have another joyful week!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Jerri!

Yes, sometimes I do sew on the porch! I have a wonderful old 1930's Singer that is portable in tis own case.

I love your 5 faves--they are almost the same as mine! Fresh cut grass my hub mows ours with a push mower--rotary--and it smells awesome!

Happy to meet you!

love, kelee

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Love that verse! I also enjoy spending days like that with my hubby. Such blessings!


Melli said...

This is a great 5 Jerri... That quote about orderliness works in your "spiritual home" too!

My ladies group at church did a Bible study on JOY a couple of years ago - I REALLY enJOYed it!

WE have those purple trees too - but I really saw a TON of them on my way down to Roanoke, VA this weekend! They sure did make the drive a LOT prettier! :)