Monday, October 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - October 12, 2009

FOR TODAY...October 12th from Jerri's Daybook

Outside my window... a cool fall morning.

I am thinking... about what it means to be a worshipper.

I am thankful for... health. Last week, I was stung on my leg by a wasp. I am highly allergic to wasps. My leg swelled and turned red and I was sooo uncomfortable for two days. But on the third day, I was back to normal. I'm telling you, you don't realize how great it is just to feel normal until you've had some part of your body give you trouble!

I am wearing... gray slacks, black top, and black shoes and socks.

I am remembering... my granny and how much I miss her.

I am going... to make this week count!

I am reading... Philippians.

I am hoping... to be a positive influence.

On my mind... responsibilities of leadership. May I not take them lightly!

Noticing that... mums are everywhere now that fall is here! My favorite mums are the yellow ones. What is your favorite color of mums?

Pondering these words... "Our God is Bigger than Our Circumstances."

From the kitchen... chili or spaghetti, I haven't decided yet.

Around the house... I need to change the summer clothes to fall clothes ...

One of my favorite things... new clothes! (Just keepin' it real ...)

From my picture journal...

I took this picture last spring of my friend Brenda standing beneath one of the prettiest flowering trees I've ever seen. The tree was all blossoms!

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Jennifer said...

I love the orange and yellow or yellow and red/burgandy mixed mums ... well, actually, I love all the colors, but I think the mixed are my favorite!

Great "words to ponder" by the way.

LISA said...

Hi Jerri,
It has been a while and I have missed visiting.
Thank you for the reminder that my God is bigger than my circumstance. I must post that somewhere so that I will see it every day.
I hope you have a great week and it will be a good while before I will be changing to Fall clothes...

Theresa said...

You are a positive force for me. I love knowing that you are being real. :) I love the Yellow Mumms too...They remind me that Summer will come back in a bit.

Karen said...

Amen...God is bigger than ANY circumstance...

I love the mixed mums, too... and the cooler fall weather....

Tara said...

Good Morning Jerri, Thank you for your comment.
Love visiting your blog, God is bigger then all my circumstance. This is a hard lesson at times, our flesh wants to make things go away or work in our favor. Trust in wait in the Lord. Lessons my family have been learning through all this recession.
I look at my children and wonder what are they taking away from all of this. Blessing to you Jerri glad God hands were on you during the wasp sting.