Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's On Your Mind '09 - Why Do I Blog?

I'm excited that the meme, "What's On Your Mind, '09" has resumed after a summer hiatus. The topic today is, "Why do I Blog?"

When I first started blogging I was excited about doing so because I felt it was a platform to share some of my devotionals that I had written. I also thought it was a great exercise to be intentional about writing more often. I dream of being a writer but often lack discipline to just sit down and type. I write a lot of things in my head as I drive to work everyday but neglect to actually get it down on paper.

As time has went on and I learned more about the blogosphere, I found so many things I was interested in. I discovered the world of memes and how each meme had a community of its own. I wanted to be a part of nearly every one I found!

I have read articles on how to successfully blog and been told, "give your blog a voice. Write on that topic because that is what your readers want to hear."

The truth is my blog is eclectic because that is how I am! I can't just talk about one thing because I am a sum of all the things I'm interested in.

Lately, I've been thinking about the "Total Woman." I know that is a name of a book a lady wrote a long time ago. (I think the author was Marabel Morgan.) I read it, but can't really remember but a couple of irrelevant things about it. However, I love the concept. We are not just spiritual beings, but physical and emotional, too.

I want my blog to address the total, or complete, woman. Today's women are complicated, driven beings. Most of us are wives, mothers, homemakers, career women, servants of God, involved in our church, hobby enthusiasts -- the list goes on and on. I want to speak to those issues.

I'm also in agreement with Shane who said she blogs for community. I have met some awesome people in the blogging world. I love to read their thoughts. Some of them have even sent me snail mail! And when they visit my blog, and I get feedback on something I posted, it makes my day.

Commmunity is a great thing. God didn't make us to be lone rangers. We need each other's input.

To sum up the question: the reason I blog is to give AND to receive. Seems like a pretty good deal!

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Jen said...

What an awesome post!

I moved my blog back to blogspot, so please come and visit!

~Simple Pleasures~

Karen said...

Loved your insight...and I's a good deal to give and receive with blogging...although I have received WAY WAY more than I have given in this...God is good...and so are His children....

Theresa said...

Why or How have I missed Devotionals you write? I bet they are amazing.

I am so glad that you blog. I love the pics you post and to hear how your week is going to be on Mondays.

Have you ever noticed that no one does a MEME about how your week turned out compared to what you wrote on Monday. That might be a good Saturday post. Then we can start the week over at church. :)

Love Ya'

Anonymous said...

You ARE the TOTAL woman girlfriend! =)

Connie said...

I think that pretty much wraps up my thoughts, too!

Thanks for sharing.