Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Slow Down

This month's Thankful Thursday hostess, Laurie from Women Taking a Stand, chose the topic "Slow Down and Spend Time in His Presence." Wow, how timely! (How did you know, Laurie, that I needed to hear that?)

Yesterday I came home stressed out! I have a ton of stuff to do and less than two weeks to get it done. I felt so zapped. How in the world could I do this? And to think that right in the middle of this two week period, we have Labor Day coming with a day off!

Actually, I see now that having Monday off is God's provision for me. I can rest up that day to have the strength to get through the next 4 days!

I have been asked to lead the worship for next month's Ladies' Retreat. I have been thinking about how we are so busy we don't really take time to worship. When we come to church, the attitude is, "ok, lets do three songs and get worship out of the way and hopefully Pastor won't preach too long so we can get back home and do the next thing." I'm hoping to prepare the atmosphere so that we will take awhile to do worship. Spend time in His presence - perhaps without even singing! (Did you know that singing is not the only way to worship?)

Today, I'm thankful for Laurie's timely word, "slow down." I'm also thankful that we have the privilege of coming into His presence whenever we want. We don't have to go through the High Priest. The veil into the Holy of Holies has been rent, ladies! We can come approach the throne boldly to find grace and help in time of need!

What more can we ask?

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Denise said...

Bless you for such an encouraging post dear.

Love Bears All Things said...

At a ladies retreat I attended once, we were given a paper plate and asked to write all of the things we had on our plate. We were then supposed to look at it and decide what we could give up to make our life less stressful. I believe we were supposed to put the most important area of our life in the center. It was an exercise which has stuck with me ever since. Not to take on so much that I didn't have time for the important things. I think that we all need to step back once in a while and look at our priorities.
Bless you,
Mama Bear

LAURIE said...

Thank you for sharing your grateful heart. What a blessing to know that even when life hands us a ton of stuff to accomplish that God always remains with us, strengthening and guiding us. Happy TT!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing such inspiring words...spending time in His presence...the Father says "Come"....

hip chick said...

I have had a crazy busy August and plan on spending September laying low, slowing down and staying home. There is nothing like the autumn weather to bring us into slow motion again. It feels nice.

Rocks said...

I miss being in the presence of the Lord..just being there..listening..spending time in the quietness..

God bless you as you lead the worship on your ladies retreat!

Sandy said...

Thank you for visiting my post and commenting. Your post is really great! I will be praying for your Ladies Retreat.

Pia said...

it's so hard to do things when we're stressed. hope you be rested during the holiday. thanks for praying, jerri

More Than Conquerors said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us, Jerralea. I am so thankful too that Laurie has chosen the topic "slow down". I need to hear that too! Thank God that He is with us through all the ups and downs of life. May God bless you always.


Theresa said...

Great Thoughts!!

I will keep you in my prayers! Prayers for rest while getting it all done. I am sure you have heard this before....

Sometimes we need to just stop and breath and shake that yucky stuff off. There is a huge deference in the Yoke of Jesus and the Yoke of the Enemy.

Enjoy your retreat and this long weekend!

Rita T. said...

So glad you get an extra day to relax a little. Great list.