Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's On Your Mind '09 - Photo of the Month

The cross you see in the picture above is built on top of a hill called Bald Knob. This cross can be seen from miles around. While driving the hilly winding roads below the cross, you can catch glimpses of it periodically. It shines brightly amongst the green trees. A silent witness.

When I snapped this picture, some of the tiles were taken off the cross to be replaced with new gleaming tiles. I do like this picture though, because even though there is damage to the cross, it still stands. It still proclaims the message. It makes all who pass nearby acknowledge the cross. If ever a person had heard the gospel message, a Bald Knob Cross sighting reminds them of the story.

If a person saw that cross, and didn't know of Christ's sacrifice, he might wonder what was so special about a cross that someone would go to all the trouble and expense of erecting such a structure. Maybe he would ask someone ... I pray there would be a person prepared to share what that cross means to God's children.

How special the image of a cross is to us because it makes us remember the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. The perfect sinless Son took all the wrong-doing that wretched man could dish out and put it on His account. He paid the price so that we could go free. Talk about the deal of the century -- this was the bargain for all time! You could never get a sweeter offer than that!

All He asks is that you believe He did it and that He is who He says He is. Ask Him to add your name to the list of those who have admitted their wrong-doing and asked Him to be the Lord of their lives. Then follow Him.

Be a witness for Him. Sometimes like the Bald Knob Cross, just looking at you and where you stand can be a witness. Unlike the Cross, you may have opportunity to be a vocal witness.

Either way, be ready.

This post is submitted to Shane's What's On Your Mind '09 meme at Heart Reflections. You can read about other photos of the month here.


Karen said...

Loved this...great picture and wonderful testimony...may we always be ready with an answer if someone asks...what is so special about the cross?

Connie said...

What a beautiful picture, and what a wonderful blog!

So true and so timely, as well.

Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

That is spectacular! Where is Bald Knob?

Theresa said...

I had thought that I had commented last week when I saw this post.

I love the cross! Edmond Oklahoma has a really big one too.

Here in California (might be AZ) there is a huge cross that they are trying to get taken down because it is offensive to nonbelievers.

I love the missing tiles and your thoughts about that. :)