Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Random

It's time to count our blessings. I do write a lot about thankfulness and sometimes I feel I might be repeating myself. Truly, we do have a world of things to appreciate. Today, I thought I might focus on some of my everyday blessings:

  • Chocolate - it just makes me happy.
  • Spell Check - a writer's best friend. (I did say this would be a random list, right?)
  • Sweet Tea - another thing that makes me happy and just seems to pep me up.
  • Email & Comments on My Blog - ok, I'm a "words of affirmation" girl. I truly love when people comment (so far I haven't gotten any negative ones) and I love personal email. Forwards? Not so much.
  • Books - I'm a voracious reader and would be lost without something to read. I even read the backs of cereal boxes. It's part of who I am - queen of a wealth of trivial knowledge!
  • Different translations of the Bible - It helps me so much to compare versions when I'm studying. My favorites are the Amplified Version, the New Living Translation, and The Message. Of course, I compare them with THE standard, the King James Version. If I'm having trouble grasping a concept, I read all four versions and usually feel much more enlightened. I might add that the first step is always to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for illumination of the scriptures.

Well, I must save some for another day. Look around you. I feel sure that, like me, you'll be able to list several every day blessings in your life. Now go share them over at Lynn's, Spiritually Unequal Marriage.


Sandy said...

Love your list! My tea is unsweetened, however :) Spell check, though, I am extremely grateful for.

Karen said...

We have so much to be thankful for! Enjoyed your list.

Bonnie said...

What a great list. I'm pretty thankful for chocolate, too. :)

Debra said...

You have such a sweet spirit...and such a thankful heart! I've been blessed here today!

Big hugs to you!

Laurie Ann said...

Great list! Awesome blessings, all of them. Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

Tammy said...

To a fellow reader - I enjoyed your thankful list! Blessings to you!!!

Rita T. said...

Love the list. Have a good night!

Pia said...

i love chocolates!!! yummy! and i love your list. blessings to you, jerri.

Denise said...

Chocolate, and sweet tea, my favorites.

Theresa said...

Great List!!!

I love reading the differnt translations also. It is fun to see how they get read the same thing differently.

I think French Fries would be added to my list!

Lynn said...

Delightful and honest list. I enjoyed visiting here. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.