Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's On Your Mind '09 - Radiant? or Dull?

This week's What's On Your Mind '09 assignment: Discuss the following question: Is your devotional life radiant or dull? Read Exodus chapters 33 - 34, paying particular attention to Moses’ relationship with God and his radiant face (as described in Exodus 34:29-35)

Radiant? or Dull? I would contend that there are times in any believer's life when it can be both. Unfortunately, in my experience, it seems that there are times when I'm very fervent with passion for the Lord, but it doesn't last forever. Life gets in the way. Trials and disappointment may temporarily dull my times with the Lord. However, the embers of my zeal for the Lord are always there. They just need to be "stirred up!"

The question is, how do I make my devotional life radiant? Using Moses as an example, I paid attention to what he did in Exodus chapters 33-34.

The first thing I noticed was that Moses made spending time with the Lord intentional. He set aside a time to meet with the Lord. He also designated a special place, the Tent of Meeting, to fellowship with Him. This Tent was far from the camp.

Do I set aside time for the Lord? What about a special place to meet with Him? Notice that Moses met far from the camp. Our time should be removed from the distractions of life.

I also noticed that when Moses talked to God, it was as friend to friend, and God responded in kind!

"So the LORD spoke to Moses face to face,
as a man speaks to his friend."
Exodus 33:11 NKJV
Moses also told the Lord that he didn't want to go if the Lord's presence didn't go with him. I was struck by the thought that friends talk that way. "I'll go if you'll go" is something I just said to one of my friends last week.

Moses also wanted to see God's glory. Shouldn't that be our aim, too? What would happen if during our devotions, we asked to see God's glory?

The thing that struck me most while reading this passage, though, was that Moses became most radiant when he was with the Lord for 40 days. He was so radiant that the people couldn't stand to look at him and he had to wear a veil! (See Exodus 34:28-29.)

I also want to point out that Moses paid a price for his radiance. The bible says he didn't eat or drink during that time. He was supernaturally sustained.

Going back to my question, "How do I make my devotional life radiant?" I think the answer is prolonged exposure to the Lord's presence.

When I'm feeling that the zeal of the Lord is dulling in my life, I should make certain that I spend even more time in His presence. I want people to see the radiance of Christ on my face!

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Mrs. Jane Doe said...

What a great post! We allow so many distractions to get in the way of our time with the Lord as well as our relationship with Him. The idea of creating that space or place to go and meet with God is wonderful! I remember one lady showing me her space she made. It was a spare bedroom that she fixed up so cute. Now, many of us don't have that spare room to use like that but we can make it anywhere - a corner in a room, the kitchen table with your morning cup of coffee, any space that you can spend time alone...:O)

Again, what a great post with such heart behind it! You have given us all something to think about and...put into action! Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Jerri this is awesome... I love the study points and time you spent in "researching" Moses and his intentional, costly devotional life. Thank you =) Shane

momoflots said...

Thanks for visiting my place!! Wow, what a great post!! I have to say at this time and place in my life finding a space free of distractions for my devotional life is difficult but I know God understands as He is the one who brought all these munchkins into my life :0)!! Maybe my space for now is my apron over my head like Mrs. Wesley!! BTW isn't the Mitford series fantastic!! They are some of my favorite books ever!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jerri ... thanks for your suggestions about my Grandmother's picture. I had not thought of reframing it, but that might make it more useable in my house.

I enjoyed reading this post today. I have been struggling to find a time for my own quiet time lately and you have reminded me of how important it is to make that an intentional part of my day. Great insights.

Wendy said...

Hi Jerralea! This is great food for thought, and very well written. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words. :)

Irritable Mother said...

I am so thankful for the freedom I have now to have quiet, set-aside, time with God. Now that my children are older I am able to do that on a daily basis. But when they were babies? It didn't happen.
And I was DULL.
I have learned, though, that God can, and does, speak through the noise as well as the quiet. And that is a very good thing.

LAURIE said...

Thank you for your visit to my TT post. Glad that my post on mistakes ministered to you, and SURE you can quote me. I appreciate your heart for sharing Gods truth! -blessings, Laurie