Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Gift

Today is a very very important day. It is the day that I celebrate receiving a wondrous gift - our daughter, Elissa. She is 22 today. I don't know how that is possible considering I just gave birth to her a few short years ago!

My heart feels so full when I consider the blessing that she is. She is many things: a beautiful attractive college student who just got all A's, a wonderful helper, a fantastic big sister who helps keep her siblings in line, a comedian who makes us laugh, a translator to her parents on what her sisters actually said/meant, fashion coordinator, technological advisor, math genius, awesome gift buyer, loyal friend, but most of all a seeker and lover of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My prayer for each one of my babies was that they grow to become an enthusiastic, on-fire woman of God. I see my prayer for her being answered every day in her life. I am so excited to see what God is going to do through her!

I thank God for the beautiful gift He has given us in Elissa. He always gives the best!


Elissa said...

He always gives us the in, I'm your favorite daughter?


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Elissa!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! And thank you for stopping by! :)