Saturday, July 10, 2021


I'm excited to announce the opening of my new website,

Although my blog site here at Blogger has served me well, my new site will have capabilities to take me where I want to go.

Along with the excitement, I'm feeling a tinge of sadness. Jerralea's Journey has been at the forefront of my efforts and thoughts since May of 2008.

This has been my home and I can't bear to dismantle it!

For the time being, this site will remain active and I hope you will make use of the archives. I'm just ten short of publishing 2,300 posts here on the Journey.

Each week, I will feature a link to one of my many favorites (all my posts are like children - I love them all equally).

Here's one that told of childish ambitions: Living the Dream

Did you know when you were a child what you'd like to be when you grew up? Leave a comment and share if you changed your mind.

Again, thanks for being a reader of Jerralea's Journey. Please consider checking out for new content such as Learning to Savor Summer.


  1. YES!! I thought i wanted to be a music teacher because Julie Andrews in the movie Sound of Music inspired me. Also my inspiration came from my piano teacher...i studied piano from age 7-23. My college major at a western NY Faith based college was Music Education and Piano with a minor in Voice. But God had different plans. I received my MS in Ed Pysch and Special Education and my specialty area was working with traumatized preschoolers from sexual and physcial abuse. I too am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I feel like God wanted me in this field as every single door closed for music education upon college graduation. God's plans are best!!

    1. Oftentimes we find God's will by closed doors.

      God bless you in your work with children who need you so!

  2. Congratulations on your new site! I'm hopping over to visit it now!


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