Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Experience: Can't Argue With It

On your journey, you will find several who will be skeptical of your passion for God. 

They might even try to argue with you, wanting to convince you God is not real.

The best thing to do is to share your experience. People might try to twist the words in the bible and hope to trip you up; but they can't argue against what has happened to you. 

This is also another reason why it's vital for you to find community. Sharing of each other's experiences only helps strengthen and encourage. Don't be shy! Don't hold back! If God has done something for you, let everyone know. 

Your words might be just what the one on the brink of despair needed to hear.

There is so much noise out there in the world. A great percentage of it is negative, disturbing and dark.

But like a lone candle brightens the darkest cave, your testimony of God's provision and protection in your life can banish shadows.

My experience is God has sustained me through family addictions, infertility, my spouse's mental illness, job loss and hard times. He has blessed me abundantly with 3 children, 2 sons-in-law, 3 grandchildren, love, laughter, a calling and community.

What's your experience? Do you find it easy to share the goodness of God wherever you go? What keeps you from saying anything?  Although, they might not look like it, the world is hungry to hear there is a God who cares.

May the Lord provide opportunity for you to share His goodness today!

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Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge said...

One of the things you will often here me say as a Women's Ministry leader is "Your story is your story". And like you said, no one can argue with that.

It is so important to share our stories because it testifies to the love of God, His provision and His faithfulness.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Faith said...

I tell my close Christian friends and the ladies in my small group all the time: SHARE YOUR STORY! no one can argue with you if you are truly honest, authentic and humble. God wants us to share our testimonies/stories because that is how the world will see Jesus working!

GREAT timely post Jerralea (we are currently discussing some of this idea in our small group!!)