Friday, January 10, 2020

It's the little things ...

that bring me joy!

This first full week of 2020 had bright spots in the midst of getting back into the groove.

The week started out with a phenomenal move of God during our morning worship service. Such prayer and praise that went on! 

It was wonderful and I can't help but think it was a result of our 24 Hour Season of Prayer that culminated in a corporate prayer gathering the Saturday before.

What would happen if we prayed more?

The work week was filled with tasks wrapping up 2019. The list looked daunting, but here it is, Friday, and I'm finishing the week strong! My readers know that few things motivate me more than crossing items off my to-do list.

This week also saw the return of our midweek services beginning with the first Cornerstone Women's Ministry meeting of 2020. We had good attendance and began a video series taught by Priscilla Shirer, "Breathe ,Making Room for Sabbath," - definitely a subject near and dear to my heart!

Baylee and Brody have started their much-anticipated practices for Upward Basketball and Upward Cheer. Brody can't wait for me to come to his game and watch him dribble. I have assured him MiMi will be there to cheer him on. Baylee has been busily practicing the cheer dance routine; and I love watching her little face glow as she gave us a preview of her skills. Actually, I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, watching her, or watching her mama show her how to do it.

Be still my heart!

Another thing to make my week special was a new recipe, Crack Chicken Sandwiches.  So yummy and easy-peasy, which makes it special in my world. The link to the recipe is here.

This wraps up another week on the Journey. How was your week? Can you find 5 things that brightened your days? Share in the comments or consider linking your own post with writers at Friday's Fave Five. Our hostess is Susanne and she'd love for you to join in.

(By the way ... I've no pictures to share this week. I must rectify that soon!)

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  1. Your chicken recipe link had me looking through and pinning a number of recipes there! How cute that your grandkids are participating in basketball and cheering. Good for you for getting that to-do list done at work! Our church doesn't currently have midweek services since we're small and don't have our own building. Funny how easily I've gotten out of the habit, but I hope they can incorporate them soon.

  2. Always so good to find joy in your life. Prayer is a privilege I hope not to ignore this year. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I led that Priscilla study two years ago and LOVED it!!! Sabbath is dear to my heart ....let me know what you think, i did prefer her Armor of God study as it went deeper but i enjoy her studies so much more than a Beth Moore one.

    How fun to watch your grandchildren enjoy their extracurricular activities.

    I'm gonna try that chicken recipe!

    Yay for getting the to do list done.

    Our church doesn't do midweek services as we have theee weekend ones at all 4 sites but we have classes at each site on Wed nights along with middle school youth group and awana for the younger kids. Plus a women's class and a men's small group as well as the financial peace university class. We also have numerous small groups throughout the week . The one i lead is at my home every other wed night in the fall and again starting In two weeks until June.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you Jerralea! A lovely week you had...grandchildren are special! :-D

    We have been in a state of emergency here in Australia with catastrophic Fire storms...
    Praising God in faith for the prayers of the saints to bring much needed rain...we desperately need it!

  5. Sounds like a great start to the year. Visiting you from the grace and truth link up.

  6. I miss having a woman’s sisterhood in church. I wish my church offered something like that. All too often i find that churches offer bible studies and other things like that during work hours. So many people across the country are no longer attending services it seems as if churches would understand that most women are working and if they want to attract people who are not retired they have to offer services in the evenings.

  7. Sounds like a lot of positive things happening in your week. I love crossing things off my to do list and spending time with grandkids. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I was just looking at a bunch of crack chicken recipes and then here you are mentioning them. That means I will have to give a try for sure. I love when God moves strongly in a worship service.

  9. So many bright spots in my week. Watching birds at feeders. Safe travels. No ice storm. Progress on blog. Good conversations with family.

  10. May this week be as sweet, Jerralea.

  11. Prayer is an act of worship and I know it needs to be higher on my list this year (it is on my 2020 list).
    Watching grands and having them WANT you to be there is such a blessing!
    And marking things off the to do list--YES! Love it, too!

  12. What WOULD happen if we prayed more? That's a great question, Jerralea. I think God would be pleased. I know He would. He likes to hear from us. We do not pray enough. More would get done for His glory. The world would be a different place. Thanks for this post. You have spurred my heart toward prayer. Thanks for the great recipe too!

    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  13. You have had a lot to be thankful for! Good for you for recognizing God's blessings. I hope this week is just as blessed.


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