Friday, May 3, 2019

I get to

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At my church, we have listed in the bulletin, “Opportunities for Service.” This is a list of events that take place during the week where one could participate. Instead of saying, “show up for bible study,” we are saying, “here is an opportunity for you in which you can grow in bible knowledge and become more like Him.”

“We need children’s church workers,” becomes “On Wednesday nights we have a service called Dig-In geared to children 4 years old through 6th grade. Here is an opportunity where you can come minister to them.”

It makes me think of a Jeff and Sherri Easter song, “I Get To.” Instead of having the mindset, “I have to go mow my mother’s lawn,” you think, “I’m so thankful my mom is still alive, and I get the opportunity to go over there and mow her lawn. After all, think of all the things she has done for me over my lifetime.”

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What a joy to change your attitude of having the opportunity to do something instead of begrudging the time.

For instance, I have my family over three nights a week for Family Night.


I have to admit sometimes I’m tired, stressed out, or in general have had a bad day. Sometimes meal planning is hard for me. Yet, I have the wonderful opportunity to share in my family’s day three nights a week. I get to witness, first hand, all the little things my grandkids do or say. Surprising things are said around the dinner table!

I get to hear things from my kids the stuff of their lives that would take too long to spell out in a text message.

In other words, I get to share in their lives, all for the price of chopping vegetables and putting together some kind of delicious edible concoction.

What an opportunity!


What opportunities show up in your week? I'd love to hear all about it!

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Lesley said...

That change of perspective makes a big difference! I think we're much more likely to look at something positively if we see it as an opportunity and think about the potential rather than viewing it as a chore or an obligation.

Andrew said...

This is an awesome concept, this shift in perspective.

You inspired a short poem. Hope you like it.

When Paul was knocked to his knees
by that blinding Light,
did part of him say, "On, no PLEASE!"
while another part said, "All RIGHT!"
Was his old life wearing thin
and did he tire of the vicious
tricks and prods he used to win
daily bread far from delicious?
Did Jesus see a door ajar
that Paul had just unlocked
in the knowledge that what was before
must be now and forever balked?
Thus, when he faced the blade in Rome,
Paul was happy, going home.

Jerralea said...


Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your poem about Paul. I'm honored you shared it with us.

What an interesting concept, that Paul's old life was wearing thin! I think you're right ... indignation grows old, even if you think it is righteous indignation.

ellen b. said...

I'm going to try using that phrase this week...I get to! Thanks.