Monday, January 21, 2019

The Journey's Weekly Check-up #5

Otherwise known as “A Journal of Reflection”

Share something that made you smile

I know this is similar to what I said last week, but having a day at home made me smile. This time, it was a Sunday, and services were cancelled because there was ice on the parking lots and secondary roads. We stayed in, we watched our pastor give a message online, I made a pot of soup and some apple cake, and we were as content as could be.

Share something that made you think

I'm re-reading The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz in preparation for my upcoming teaching on the book of Daniel with our adult bible study class.

What is the first word you think when you think of the book of Daniel?

I asked several friends that question and most said, "Prophecy," and one friend said, "Fast." (referring to the Daniel Fast.) There's always that one friend ...

But really, there is so much jam-packed into those 12 chapters of Daniel.  (Spoiler Alert should any of my students are reading today!). We will be discussing:

  • The Daniel Diet,
  • Standing up for what is right even when it looks like it would end in death.
  • What happens when you have your name, location and identity stolen from you.
  • The 3 Hebrew Children.
  • Daniel interpreting dreams.
  • The Daniel Prayer.
  • Stories about the three different kings and their reigns.
  • The Handwriting on the Wall
  • Nebuchadnezzar’s madness and restoration
  • A visit from an angel - and more! 

Share a win from this week

I am working on being consistent this year. I have awakened early and wrote at least 500 words 8 days in a row. Go me! Marching onward to 30 days in a row!

Share a great quote

"Trust in who God made you uniquely to be. Then be it."
"And if you are not quite sure who you are, oh, friend, this is the greatest work you can do. Ask Him, pay attention to your dreams and little girl aspirations, look for what makes you excited, motivated, energized. You will find her. You really will."
Great words of wisdom from Emily at Jones Design Company. Read her whole post here and reflect!

Share a song or a scripture that ministered to you

I will exalt you, Lord, for you rescued me.    You refused to let my enemies triumph over me.Psalm 30:1

The enemy is not going to get the last word!
Share a favorite picture

How did your week go? I'd love to read your insights in the comments!

I just want you to know how highly I value those of you that make your way to the Journey to read my words! I believe encouraging others with the written word is a worthy calling. Thank you especially to those who respond. You make it worthwhile!

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  1. the first word that pops into my head when you mentioned Daniel was "courage" It took much courage for him to stand up to the king and eat what the Lord told him to eat.

    Love the book of Daniel!!! Your small group must be great.....i'd love to join! :)

    That's a cute pic of your grands....

    we had no church yesterday either other than online due to the big snowstorm of the Northeast! we ended up with just 8 inches here but one of my sister's got 20 and the other 2 got 25 inches of the freezing cold white stuff. Winter finally arrived in NY!! hahah...better now than March, I say!

    Have a wonderful week Jerralea.

  2. I had Sunday School responses that first popped into my head about Daniel, like Lion's Den. I also thought about him praying...
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. I enjoyed getting to know you through this blog post.

    Our small group is entering into the fourth week of studying the book of Daniel! I am enjoying the study sooo much!! A familiar book, but one that is revealing itself in more ways then ever this go around ESPECIALLY Daniel's prayer. What a prescription for how to pray, especially when things get rough.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. The winter weather is bringing lots of cozy days at home ... and I'm loving it!

  5. It was a busy week, but a good one! I've managed to keep my counter cleared and clean in the kitchen for a month (this is a huge accomplishment for me). Small win, but it makes me feel happy :).

  6. I love the outline of your Journal of Reflection. What a great way to remember, reflect, and move forward. Thank you for sharing this at TellHisStory.


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