Friday, September 7, 2018


Today, I'm joining with the writers at Five Minute Friday as we write for 5 minutes examining the one word, "Rain."

In the light of the king’s face is life,
And his favor is like a cloud of the latter rain.
Proverbs 16:15 NKJV


She felt the pain of always feeling, “I’m never enough.”

The weight of always missing the mark, and not meeting expectations of friends, family, and worst of all, herself, weighed on her like a heavy press.

Eventually, she quit praising praying and reading the Word.

She began to feel as if she hadn’t taken a drink for days upon days. Parched. She felt drier than dust and started dreaming of cool water slipping down her throat.

She began to see it was a spiritual thing. If you never heard a word from the Lord, you begin to long for just a drop of moisture.

“Something, Lord, I just need something.”

“I could go 100 days in the power of just one encouraging word from you!”

And then one day, she just up and picked up that bible. She didn’t plan to do it, but it drew her like a magnet and she thumbed over to Colossians. No reason really – it just fell open to chapter one, and she didn’t read too far before she came across some of His promises.

·         I am delivered
·         I am free from the power of darkness
·         I am redeemed
·         I am forgiven
·         Through what He has done for me, I’m now holy, blameless and above reproach.

And suddenly a smile came to her face.

She whispered, “It’s like I had amnesia. I’d forgotten who my God is, so of course I couldn’t know who I am…”

“I was drying up inside, devastated to think I was worthless.”


But just a drop of knowing she had His favor felt even better than the times she had played outside in the rain as a kid.

Refreshed. The burning feeling of shame quenched by the rain of His love.

What about you? Are you thirsty? Open up that bible and quench yourself.


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