Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Challenge of Gift-Gving

I’m totally a “words of affirmation” girl; but if I could pick another love language, it might be gifts.

I love gifts as well as the next girl – especially if they are accompanied by a mushy card!

Thinking back to my childhood, some memorable gifts come to mind:

  • ·        Spic and Span – I once was giving a little cleaning set with a play mop, bucket and a tiny box of Spic and Span cleaner. (There really was cleaner in the box, too.) [This would have been before we moved to Raymond Street, so I would have been somewhere between 4-6 years of age.]
  • ·        Prell – Dad would often bring me samples home when he had been traveling. In particular, I remember the gift of a tiny tube of Prell. Since I was really into commercials, I already knew that Prell would give my hair a radiantly alive look! [See Wikipedia- ]  (I knew this because I was an avid commercial-watcher. Mom says I would play while the TV was on and pay no attention until the commercials came on. Then I would come running and stare at the screen until the commercial went off. I was already programmed to become a consumer!)
  • ·        Washing Machine – Once my granny bought me a little pink metal washing machine that I said I was going to wash my doll clothes in. She should have known better since I preferred my dolls be nudists and I spent my time dragging them around caveman style (by their hair).

Clearly I had an obsession with cleanliness!

My obsessive personality was apparent after I received another gift, an African Violet. My grandmother showed me how to water it using a medicine dropper syringe cautioning me to water it sparingly each day. I guess she thought a squeeze bulb-type dropper would keep me from flooding the plant.

Little did she know I would have to water it with the dropper hourly. First, because maybe I forgot to do it today? I should water it again, just in case.

Secondly, because the thrill of dispensing water from the dropper was too great to only do it once a day.

I’m sure it is no surprise my Violet ended up in a watery grave.

Now that you see what kind of gifts I received, perhaps it's not surprising I’m not good at giving them. By that I mean, inspiration does not hit me concerning giving gifts to other people.

In fact, I can agonize for days on what kind of gift to give. If the occasion is some sort of grab-bag gift, it is fairly easy since I can always buy something I would like for myself. (And then, if for some reason I cannot go to the event, Voilà! Another gift for me!)

However, the challenge of buying for loved ones puts me in a panic. I want it to be special, something that makes their eyes light up when the gift is received. But alas, I have no inspiration. It’s like as soon as I start shopping, I forget everything I ever knew about them.

Oh, the pressure!

I personally think a gift card is the way to go. “Not so”, says daughter #1, who just happens to have the love language of gifts, “too impersonal.”

The only solution is to make said daughter my personal shopper. She could pick all my gifts out for me, AND she is a bargain hound! Sounds like a win-win for me.

Then I’d only be responsible for buying gifts for her … oops, back to more pressure!


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KatBouska said...

So cute. If I could just get a dose of that obsession with cleanliness, my house would love me for it. ;)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I once killed a cactus by over watering it. True story. :)

John Holton said...

I always liked the commercials better than the shows, myself.

Mary, bless her heart, suggested about 20 years ago that we dispense with the gift-buying for each other. I'm like you, I really suck at buying gifts.

Leah Adams said...

Gift giving is so stressful for me. What does the person need? What do they want? Is the gift I choose one they already have? What if they don't like it? Ugh! Stressful! I always feel highly accomplished when I actually choose something the person likes and needs. The only love language that ranks lower for me than gift giving is physical touch.

Michele Morin said...

I'm with Leah here! Ugh, indeed! I want to give gifts that are meaningful and practical, and end up waaaaaaaay over thinking the whole process.

Morgan C said...

I have people tell me exactly what they want. Occasionally, I find something that I know someone will love and I just pick it up for them. I also like to give experiences (i.e. movies, places to eat, etc..) as gifts and that is always fun. You don't always need a tangible object to give as a gift. I find experiences much more rewarding to give.

May said...

Once again evidence of our parallel upbringings! I had the spic and span set; I washed my hair with Prell and remember the commercial where the pearl slowly descended to the bottom of the bottle through the thick green liquid;and I washed my doll clothes in a little metal washer though mine was white. Love it!