Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Love Is ...

As the hubs and I celebrate 42 years of marriage, I thought I'd share with you part of a list I made showing all the things my husband does to prove he loves me. (Part of the list is private!) 

Love is not just roses and chocolates and expensive dinners out! In the long run, this list means way more!

Love Is …

  • ·        Showing up every day for 42 years, hanging tough through good times and bad
  • ·        Unloading the dishwasher after midnight so your wife doesn’t have to take time out of her morning schedule to do it
  • ·        Making your wife laugh. Every. Day.
  • ·        Seeing when your wife is overwhelmed and pitching in to wash the dishes so the kitchen gets cleaned up faster.
  • ·        Watching a tape of Jeopardy together every night before bed.
  • ·        Disposing (or killing!) any mice your wife might see.
  • ·        Keeping her vehicle maintained.
  • ·        Being willing to measure, cut, rearrange and drive nails in order to achieve her decorating dreams.
  • ·        Carrying in the groceries.
  • ·        Driving your wife to the lake as often as possible to keep her from working all the time.
  • ·        Taking care of all insurance claims for the family even though it drives you crazy.
  • ·        Never yelling.
  • ·        Getting up to go somewhere even though you really want to stay in bed.
  • ·        Helping adult children get their things fixed.
  • ·        Mowing. All. The. Lawns.
  • ·        Babysitting whenever asked.
  • ·        Not bringing up past mistakes.
  • ·        Being willing to eat take-out when your wife is too tired to cook.
  • ·        Being my #1 fan
  • ·        Always saying I love you.
  • ·        Watching Gilmore Girls with me.
  • ·        Going to Popeye’s when you really want to go to Grecian.
  • ·        Doing the towels to lighten your wife’s load.
  • ·        Vacuuming.
  • ·        Always willing to turn crockpots on or off.
  • ·        Always willing to pop chicken in the oven.
  • ·        Being considerate – you are!
  • ·        Being kind – you are!
  • ·        Making the bed because you know it makes your wife happy
  • ·        Willing to do what it takes to fix things around the house; think septic tank, think heater!
  • ·        Never giving up.
  • ·        Never saying the “D” word.
  • ·        Wrapping all the Christmas presents
  • ·        Stringing up lights every year in the cold to decorate for Christmas
  • ·        Always being willing to do what it takes to keep the family going!

He is a keeper, don't you think?

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Leah Adams said...

What an awesome list! It truly is the everyday things that make a marriage, isn't it! Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary.

MY MUSINGS said...

Happy Anniversary to a very blessed couple! Your honey sounds a lot like mine, except for helping with the dish washer/ dishes in general. But before we got married he asked me to never ask him to do dishes! LOL I agreed~ God is so Good!!!

Faith said...

Happy Anniversary. GREAT list! (is the "D" word a gutter talk word that sounds like "dam" or do you mean the splitting of a marriage?? hahah just curious!) LOVED this post!!

Linda Stoll said...

Yay! Let's hear it for 42 years and going strong ...


ellen b. said...

Congrats on 42 years! And yes, he's a keeper!