Monday, January 1, 2018


Let's examine the thought process that went into picking out my new One Word 365 for 2018.

Today is the first day of 2018 and I’m toying with what my focus for the upcoming new year should be. I find it good to choose a word for the year to help guide me – although, let’s be real – I’ve never felt yet that I’ve accomplished my “one word” any year that I’ve tried it.

Maybe that is the point. My one word is something to strive for but maybe I’ll never totally achieve it until eternity.

Let’s indulge my love of listing and look at words from past years:

·        2012 – Joy
·        2013 – Fearless
·        2014 – Abiding
·        2015 – Intentional
·        2016 – Rest
·        2017 – Less

I think I am a pretty joyful person, and I have made great steps in being fearless – mainly because I am learning more and more to trust in Him who has never let me down before, so why would He now?

I’ve been ending quite a few of my blog posts with the reminder, “He’s a good, good Father, you know …” I feel that is indicative of the strides I’ve made in trusting.

I’ve made less progress on the other words, “abiding, intentional, rest and less,” maybe because those words are more about what I’m doing. (Or not doing!)

It’s always a temptation for me to do instead of be.

I’ve always got something to prove.

So, here are some words I prayed over:

  • Yield – this can be looked at in two ways:  yield as in fruitfulness, or yield as in relinquish – give place to God, to the important …

  • Quiet – learning to relish the quiet, to listen, to slow down the brain
  • Content – appreciating how the here and now, being thankful

  • Fulfilled – being happy with who I am and what I have – okay, that is nearly the same as content.

Perhaps the answer lies more in what I hope to see happen in 2018 … I know I’ve stalled in my weight loss journey. I wanted to lose 70 lbs., I lost 20 and then just stopped. I’m not happy about that and I want to continue.

One of my dauthers had a goal of walking enough steps to equal 2017 miles in 2017 and she made it! I am in awe of that goal and wonder if I should set something similar …

Of course, I always want to be further along with my writing goals. Being published is still my goal.

A lot of the writing advice I read boils down to … write every day. Period.

Maybe “press” would be a good one. So, I messed up. Get up, dust myself off, and press on …

So, it all boils down to these two goals I have set for myself:

1,000 miles in 2018
Write something everyday in 2018. (blog posts, and /or journaling)

Every day. No Excuses.

So, yeah, my One Word is “press.”


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  1. i think that's a great word!! mine is Breathe. Post to follow later this week :)

  2. What a wonderful word! For me it reminds me to press into Jesus, allowing Him to be strength and wisdom and comfort. I'll be interested to see how He uses this word in your life this year, Jerralea. I'd love for you to link this post on my OneWord365 post from yesterday!

  3. Happy New Year, Jerralea! I love that you've prayed over your words, that you live them out.

    One Word has never worked for me ... it was just a 'flash in the pan,' a blog post or two and then forgotten.

    I'm just doing the next right thing, holding open hands up to Him, knowing He's got the whole year already designed and planned in every detail. Now to be obedient, to be faithful ...

  4. Hi Jerralea,
    First, I'm super impressed by the walking goals your daughter met and the one you've set for this year. How exciting! You can do it. ;-) As for a "One Word", I don't focus on one, but I love reading about others who do. May you rest well in His embrace this year as those goals and "One Word" dance to life. #chasingcommunity


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