Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I love to go to the House

A doorkeeper is the first one in, the last one out. 

In other words, a doorkeeper is a committed soul!

I totally believe the purpose of the local church is to do life together. The best way to build community is fellowship. Now, I don't just mean food fellowships - although there is totally something unifying about breaking bread together - but I mean brothers and sisters having conversation with one another.

As a long-time church goer, I've observed a lot of people get to church right when it starts (or maybe a few minutes late!) and then as soon as the closing prayer is uttered ... BOOM, they're out the door.

No wonder some feel disconnected ... It takes an investment of time to build community.

There's a lady at our church who is well-loved by everyone. She shows her love by connecting with everyone and having conversation. She is willing to talk - and to listen - to each one and she is not afraid to spend the time necessary to do so. We tease her by saying we will have to turn the lights out to get her to go home.

Seriously, though, she is a blessing. You can just feel the care and concern she has for everyone she meets. She is Jesus with skin on.

I want to be like her!

After all, if we are aliens, or pilgrims, journeying Home together, who better to spend our time with than the saints of God? Who else understands the unique tension of living in today's world with heaven on our minds?

So make time to talk! It's such a blessing to hear testimonies of God's goodness, advice from people who've maybe walked where you are walking now, and to know your people are praying for you in the midst of both joys and struggles.


What about YOU? Do you have a love for your local church family? Do you take time to build community? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sandi said...

It is very important. No one is an island.

Beth said...

Yes, connecting with those who we do church with is so important to staying encouraged in the Lord, Jerri. Thanks for this important reminder! And I didn't see a link to your post in my linkup at Messy Marriage. I hope you'll come back by and add it and keep coming in the weeks ahead. Great to meet you, my new friend!