Thursday, May 4, 2017

Love is ...

Today is a co-worker's 52nd wedding anniversary. I wished him a happy anniversary. 

I told him “You are blessed,” meaning two things:  the marriage had survived that long, and that both parties had lived those 52 years. 

He said, choking up, “Yes I am…"

"You know, she still lays out my clothes for me every day …" 

He couldn’t say anymore and walked away, wiping his eyes. Tears came to my eyes, too. (I can't take it when a man cries.)

Later, I thought about why that little interchange was so touching. You see, laying out clothes is not that big a deal ... but the love and care behind it is very special.

Daily for 52 years, or at least 18,980 times, that wife cared what her husband looked like. She made sure there were clean clothes for him to put on. She matched them for him. I feel I know her well enough to know she picked out seasonal, job-appropriate clothing so he would represent their family well, replacing items when needed.

She actually gave him the gift of time - his clothes were laid out and ready to go; the gift of confidence - knowing his clothes were appropriate; and the gift of love - knowing she cared that much about him to do something daily.

Maybe we don't have to do earth-shaking things for the ones we love.

Maybe it's just being there ... every day.


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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Both their story and your thoughts are so beautiful I am tearing up as well! Thank you for this glimpse into love in action.
I Saw It On Facebook at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

betty said...

How sweet with what your coworker's wife does and that he truly is appreciative of it. Such a sacrifice of love, which I always think love when done right is an action verb and not an emotion; seems like she truly does love him!


Faith said...

how beautiful! my beloved parents would have been married 65 years come December. Now that they both have recently gone HOME i look back on their marriage as,one of much devoted love, persistance, hard work, struggles at times...because lets face it, ALL marriages struggle....but it is that underlying love and true devotion to God and each other that make it possible. thanks for sharing about your colleauge.

ellen b. said...

Sweet story of service. There's a lot behind all the little things we do. Happy weekend to you!

Angie Church said...

what a wonderful post, I have been married for 30 years myself and look forward to every day with the love of my life and serving him
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Jamie Miles said...


Sandi said...

Every day. The extraordinary is in the ordinary!

This was lovely, Jerralea! :)

KatBouska said...

Goals! They just sound darling!

Linda Stoll said...

yes and amen to the simply lovely gift of presence.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

That is so sweet!