Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Morning Page: 12.24.16

Here on the Journey it's been a little bit silent.  It's not that I've quit blogging or anything. It's just that life keeps interrupting my plans. It's the season for going and doing and wrapping and cooking, which leaves little time for writing. You, too?

I'm very excited about the coming year and some blogging plans I have made. Next week, I'll be revealing the top posts of 2016, my One Word for 2017, and asking YOU, my reader, for some of your input. 

I'm hoping you will drop by the Journey whenever you have a free moment.  Until we meet again, Merry Christmas! May the joy of the incredible gift of Jesus reign in your heart!


betty said...

Such a cute card! Those twins sure are getting bigger and more handsome and prettier each passing day!

May you have a wonderful Christmas with you and your family!

I look forward to your word for 2017. I'm playing around with two words, but if I chose one and focus on it, then the other one will "naturally" come.

Merry Christmas!


Michele Morin said...

Such great pictures. Looking forward to hearing your plans for 2017, but the fact that you have actual plans gives me the idea that I ought to be doing more planning . . .
Merry Christmas and blessed post-Christmas rest!