Thursday, November 3, 2016


As any parent or grandparent can tell you, when a baby wants to be fed, he/she makes it known!

Recently, we took our grand-twins to the park. We got a late start and actually arrived at the park pretty close to dinner-time. I had a few grapes with me, so when Brody starting chanting "Eat, eat, eat," in the back seat, I quickly divided them up and gave him and Baylee a handful. They quieted down, and when we arrived, we had a wonderful time swinging and sliding.

Dusk arrived and we loaded the twins in their car seats and headed for the nearest McD's.

Pretty soon, they both started chanting in earnest, "Eat, eat, eat."

"I know, baby, MiMi is going to get you a hamburger and french fries soon."

"Eat, eat, eat."

"And ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream."

"Eat, eat, eat."

I'm telling you, they did not hush until we pulled into the Golden Arches.

The next day was Sunday, and I was teaching on 1 Peter 2.  When I got to this verse:

"... as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby ..." 1 Peter 2:2

I immediately remembered the day before, and told the class about our experience. I asked them, "What if you were so hungry for the Word, you cried out to God, "Eat, eat, eat?"

What if you missed a day reading the scripture? Would there be something gnawing inside you like a hunger pang, "Eat, eat, eat."

I think we all know something is not quite right when we've not been in the Word. I pray that I become so addicted to being in God's Word that my spirit will cry out to feast on the Word.

What about you? Are you hungry to know more about God?

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Linda Stoll said...

Dear Jerralea ... I'm going to remember that eat-eat-eat mantra as I reach for God's Word in the morning.

He gives us the richest of soul food ... He loves us so.

Faith said...

excellent!! Eat eat eat...of the Word (and anything that is NOT fast food!! lol....)

betty said...

To have that hunger for the word indeed. Makes me think of Job:23:12 "I have not departed from the commands of his lips. I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread."

That we would treasure God's words just the same.


Lux G. said...

Always hungry for God's word. :)